Grey's creator: Heigl, Knight aren't leaving

Remember those reports that flooded the entertainment press regarding Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight leaving Grey's Anatomy? Well, they may have been a little… not so true. According to Shonda Rhimes, who should know what's going on with the show since she runs the darned thing, the rumors lack truthiness.

"That was a very interesting rumor," Rhimes said at the NAACP Awards when asked about the possibility of the two actors leaving, according to People. "And it's not true."

Said rumor began when Grey's Anatomy actor James Pickens Jr. was quoted as saying "Wherever Katherine goes, I wish her nothing but the best." Of Knight, he said, "He's going too. He just wanted to pursue other career paths."

Now Pickens says his quotes were taken out of context and he's backtracking on what appeared he thought to be fact. "When the question was posed to me, I was more trying to congratulate Katie and T.R. on whatever they were going to do," Pickens said, according to People. "But yeah, I don't have any special info about it either way."

There's been no response yet from Heigl or Knight's people. This is either a quote gone awry, or some quick damage control done by Rhimes and company. I'm leaning towards the latter given the way she's done the same thing with the Heigl Emmy business and the Brooke Smith pink-slipping.

What's your take on the situation? And what's more entertaining--the on-screen drama at Seattle Grace or the off-screen drama in Hollywood?

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