Grey's finale aftermath: someone is dead

Oh Grey's Anatomy… you and your drama. Whether it's onscreen with ghost sex or brain tumors or off-screen with homophobic comments or whining, there's never a dull moment with the medical drama. But the real fireworks happen when the off-screen and on-screen drama collide.

Those of you who don't want to know what happens on the next season of Grey's Anatomy should just go watch this fake Green Lantern trailer instead--significant spoilers are ahead.

According to E! Online, the dueling cliffhangers from this season's Grey's Anatomy finale--Dr. George O'Malley and Dr. Izzie Stevens were both hanging on for dear life when the screen went black--will result in at least one death and at least one actor leaving the show. And that actor is…

T.R. Knight (Dr. O'Malley). E! claims multiple sources have confirmed Knight's departure, and says tension with showrunner Shonda Rhimes is the main reason. For some time now, rumors have said that both Knight and Katherine Heigl (who plays Izzie) have been trying to leave the show for various reasons--lack of on-screen time and differences with Rhimes chief among them.

The fate of Heigl's character is still up in the air, and she could very well be on the outs as well.

You have to hand it to Shonda Rhimes--she plays hardball. Want off her show? She'll almost kill you and play God in the off-season. Now that's omnipotence.

Do you think T.R. was treated fairly? Is there a taste of sweet release in his character's death and his departure from Grey's Anatomy?

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