Grimm "Endangered" Review: Close Encounters of the Wesen Kind

Grimm S02E19: "Endangered"

The truth is out there... along with a steady trail of mutilated cattle leading from Lincoln, Nebraska to a farm east of Portland. This week, Grimm introduced audiences to the Glühenvolk, a type of glow-in-the-dark Wesen with blue skin and big heads, easily mistaken for close relatives of the Third Kind, especially considering that whole cattle-slaughtering thing. 

While most of the initial human encounters with the runaway blue man—and lady, and later on, baby—didn't end so well for the humans, in the Wesen world, the luminous history of the Glühenvolk and their rarity makes them the stuff of myth, so they're widely regarded as a good luck symbol for Wesen who are fortunate enough to spot one. Unfortunately for the Glühenvolk themselves, there's very little luck involved. The reason the blue folks are so rare is that their glowing skin is prized by collectors. I know the idea of Wesen-on-Wesen violence and the idea that certain types of Wesen are somehow more esteemed than others isn't something new, but still, that Raub-Kondor and his tannery on wheels were a special flavor of disturbing. 

With the blue lady's baby on the way and her baby daddy interrupted in the middle of his nightly cow-ovary harvest by Mr. Kondor's caravan of horrors, Nick, Rosalee, and Monroe slapped together a delivery room and helped birth the glowy alien kiddo. The Raub-Kondor was overpowered and left to be used in an Alien Autopsy remake while Joselyn, Vincent, and the spawn took off for Alaska to meet up with the rest of their endangered species.

On the stuff-that-matters front, Nick and Renard reaffirmed their reluctant partnership/truce when Nick and Monroe made some progress with the key Marie forked over before she bit it. The ornately carved arms of the key appear to be part of a map—which deus ex Monroe helpfully pointed out looks like Germany—and Renard followed up by revealing that of the seven original Grimm keys, four are in his family's possession, Nick has number five, and the other two are MIA. Together, the keys reveal the location (and, assuredly, open the hidey hole) of whatever the Grimm crusaders took from Constantinople back in in the day. Among the theories Renard's royally dysfunctional royal family has kicked around over the years are nails from Christ's cross and the secret to eternal life. I'm going with holy grail, mostly because I watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade this weekend.

On the stuff-that-only-matters-because-Grimm-keeps-insisting-that-it-matters front (a.k.a. Juliette), the lady Silverton remembered more stuff, got really excited, went to Monroe with her good news, and immediately started lamenting how much of a dick she's been to Nick since forgetting he exists. She also insisted that Monroe tell her what a Grimm is because we really needed to get into that right now. 

More Adalind evildoing, please. Less Juliette being Juliette. 

What did you think of "Endangered"?


– Will there be any lasting repercussions of the SWAT team thinking that the people poacher was an alien?

– Monroe and Rosalee make me squee like a teenager. 

– Hank is still on vacay. Do we miss him?

– "I thought we were safe here!" YOU'RE SQUATTING IN A BARN, LADY!

– So, Grimm on Tuesdays: awesome or suckass?

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