Grimm Exclusive Clip: Get the Details on This Week's Baddie, the (Non-Wesen) Volcanalis

Has Team Grimm ever faced a non-Wesen creature in its efforts to keep Portland weird safe? Because that's what's on the docket this week: In "Ring of Fire," the gang squares off against the Volcanalis, a beastie that's not actually a Wesen because it only exists in one form, and everyone can see it. We've got an exclusive sneak peek of the episode below; check it out to get the lowdown from Captain Renard as he reads the molten monster's origin story from Nick's Grimm book. He even does that thing that people like to do on the Food Network, where he speaks all normal until he gets to the name Volcanalis, and then he pronounces it like it's mozzarella or something! Anyway:

"I don't think we'll be able to fight fire with fire on this one." You're a regular Horatio Caine, Renard.

But... so this week we're up against a devil-like thingy that controls volcanoes? We'll take it. 

Grimm airs Fridays at 9pm on NBC.

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I love this wonder if this is one of those requiring a sacrifice things...but I am betting Rosalee can whip something up that makes it fightable.
if the beast appears prior to violent eruption..then "Violent-Eruption-coming soon to Portland"..I am curious to see how they deal with this one..and i hope they concentrate on the Volcanalis story..and no B-side annoying story..(yes! that one!)

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