Grimm: Golden Egg on Nick's Face

Grimm S01E16: "The Thing with Feathers"

Friday's episode of Grimm was called “The Thing With Feathers,” but really it should've been called “Ew, Ew, Heartbreak.” The episode dealt primarily with three couples: good ol' Nick and Juliette, the chemically induced pairing of Hank and Adalind the Hexenbeast, and case-of-the-week duo Robin and Tim. Naturally, one of the new kids was an unsettling creature with the world’s most expensive goiter.

We began at the Portland police station, where Hank was trying to shoo Nick out the door for a romantic weekend getaway with Juliette. Nick was finally, finally, finally going to propose, and Hank was experiencing his own romantic woes—a result of the love potion given to him by Adalind in the episode prior. So Hank was swooning, Nick was taking off for a few days, and Sergeant Wu was suffering the effects of ingesting some extra love potion, eating office supplies with an admirable nonchalance.

As Nick and Juliette embarked on their vacation, we met Robin the Seltenvogelor (a golden bird woman) and her husband, Tim the Claustrike (a creature that looks and acts like a nasty tomcat). It seemed that Robin was trying (and failing) to escape her hubby, who for reasons unknown was force-feeding her a milky worm smoothie.


The episode proceeded to jump back and forth among our three couples in typical Grimm fashion, with lots of monsters and glacial character movement. Hank was obsessing over Adalind to the point where he started following her home and threatening a guy he spied her making out with (a man planted by Captain Renard to gauge Hank's level of lovesick-ness). Quite understandably, Adalind wasn’t thrilled with the make-Hank-obsessed-with-her plan, but what the Captain wants, the Captain gets.

Predictably, Nick and Juliette’s did not go as planned, as their cabin was stationed across the street from the home of Tim the Cat and Robin the Bird. Rather than focus on each other, Nick and Juliette spent their time spying on the troubled monster couple, going so far as to table their first serious discussion about how Juliette thinks Nick is hiding things to spy on the neighbors some more.

Via phone, Monroe and new Fuchsbau apothecary owner Rosalee informed Nick that Seltenvogel were thought to be extinct, but were once highly prized because overfeeding a Seltenvogelor produces a solid golden egg in its neck. Cha-ching, guess what Mr. Cat was after?

Alas, Claustrike are known for being violent jerks, and it was apparent that once his goose spit up her golden egg, Mr. Cat was totally going to murder Mrs. Bird. The ew factor ratcheted up as we first saw Robin hooked to a machine that forced the worm sludge down her throat and then we saw the neck-egg and EWWWWW EWWWW EWWWW it looked like the alien from Alien was about to burst from her throat but then froze instead.


Robin's escape attempts were futile. Nick found her and escorted her back to his cabin where he and Juliette reassured her they’ve called the sheriff—only to learn, oopsies, he’s Mr. Cat’s cousin, and in on the whole thing. Mr. Cat and Cousin Sheriff burst in and Nick whisked Robin into the woods just in time to (ew ew ew) take the golden egg out of Robin’s throat by (ew ew ew) cutting a hole in her neck and (ew ew ew) pulling it out of her. It was made of shiny gold, and it was actually sort of pretty.

But still. Ew.

Nick confronted the greedy cousins and, thanks to the timely intervention of a gun-toting Juliette, took ‘em down, accidentally destroying the egg. Robin was safe and Nick proposed to Juliette at home. Everything seemed great, and Juliette, of course,


Turns out all the freaky business with home break-ins, being kidnapped by dragon people, and receiving presents from the terrified Wesen have been giving Juliette second thoughts. She informed Nick that they won't be tying the knot until Nick stops hiding things.

Meanwhile, on Hank’s side, the creepy stalker spell payed off and he and Adalind enjoyed what appeared to be a wonderful date.

Overall, "The Thing With Feathers" was a pretty typical Grimm offering. The episode finally allowed Juliette to voice her concerns about Nick’s emerging double life, though not really to an extent that I'd qualify it as character development. I wish Grimm did more with Nick and Juliette's relationship than just touch on their troubles once an episode. Here was an opportunity to really explore their dynamic, yet it still feels like we’re just skimming the surface. But the cop and fantasy aspects of Grimm are as strong as ever, and a second season is secure, so perhaps the series is about to start messing with the status quo. With only six episodes left this season, here’s hoping things in the Grimm world start ramping up quicker.


– Are Adalind and Hank actually hitting it off, or is Adalind just a really good actor?

– Will Nick and Juliette stay together? Will Nick move forward with his plan to reveal the Grimm side of his life to Juliette? Will a better actress come along to fill the shoes of Nick’s love interest?

– Speaking of love interests, how cute is the Rosalee and Monroe love story? The correct answer is "very."

– What’s up with all those foreign passports they found in Rosalee's brother’s apothecary? Was her brother a Fuchsbau spy?

– What do you think Captain Renard is?

– Will you ever be able to eat food again after watching this episode?

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