Grimm "Kiss of the Muse" Review: The Power of Love

Grimm  S02E20: "Kiss of the Muse"

So it happened: Nick and Juliette have seemingly overcome Juliette's memory loss with the added bonus of breaking an unbreakable Musai's spell (okay, poisoning, technically) because their love is just so epic and strong and all that. "Kiss of the Muse" even carried the added bonus of Juliette flashing back to the original "I see animal people" speech, handily eliminating the need to rehash that part of Nick's life again. Hopefully. Melodramatic reveals are just so... melodramatic... and the memory loss thing robbed us of a proper presentation of the repercussions of Juliette knowing the particulars of Nick's night job. I'm ready to go there. I hope it means less delicate-flower/damsel-in-distress action. 

Nick, Hank, and Wu landed one of Grimm's freakier cases—a passionate jealousy-driven murder starring not one, but two Wesen. The discovery (Rediscovery?) of the sparkly blue Elvish-looking Musai couldn't have come at a worse time for Nick. On the verge of remembering everything, Juliette had invited him over for an apology and a getting-to-know-you-again dinner, which is pretty much all Nick has wanted all season long. The reunion almost fell apart when Chloe, the Musai who inspired ex-boyfriend Anton to waste new-boyfriend Whatsisface, set her sights on Nick—and his usually handy Grimm semi-immunity was of no use against her psychotropic lips. With one kiss from Chloe, Juliette was reduced to this annoying presence buzzing around Nick's peripherals. So basically he now knows how we all feel all the time when she's talking!

After Nick snapped at Monroe and punched a dudebro in the face at the bar for drunkenly leering at his sketch of Chloe, Nick's friends and coworkers figured something was wrong. Monroe and Rosalee determined the culprit, Hank recruited Renard for some in-the-know backup, and Juliette showed up just in time to save Nick from smiting Anton for Chloe's hand. Huzzah. Everyone lived happily ever after. Except Chloe. Though if you think about it,  exile aside, she did get to live, which is kind of rare for the naughty Wesen on this show. 

"Kiss of the Muse" was the rare Grimm episode where the case of the week actually intertwined with a major aspect of the overall seasonal story, or even intertwined with the story at all. The result was a pleasantly cohesive story that never felt like it was trying to fill time with a random Wesen encounter that might never matter again in the long run.

Nick's encounter with Chloe became the catalyst that finally brought him and Juliette back together, but tucked within the good stuff that ultimately came of the case, there's also the potential for bad stuff. Since Nick and Juliette were forced to quickly resolve their differences under pressure to dispel the Musai's influence, there's always the risk that they moved too quickly, and that there are still aspects of their relationship that need to be properly discussed before they're able to completely move forward. Plus there was the rather odd decision for Renard to let Chloe go. Sure, he was menacing and he pulled out his scary Zauberbeist face and threatened to dish out some hurt if she ever returned to Portland, but that doesn't mean that she won't. And finally, we have Juliette reintroduced to the Wesen world, for better or for worse. Ideally, her knowledge should offer her some level of protection, simply because she knows there's a lot of weird out there, but then again, this is Juliette, and Aunt Marie warned Nick that Juliette would always be in danger as long as he kept her around. 

Next week is our penultimate Season 2 episode and we haven't seen or heard from Adalind and the royals in a while—nor do we have any indication that they'll be back next week or the week after, though I'm sure we'll get at least something. I hope their return is worth the wait!

What did you think of "Kiss of the Muse"?


– Now that Juliette's story realigns with Nick's—mostly—what do you think her future as a character holds?

– Vincent Van Gogh shout-out! He's the go-to for historical crazypants painters these days. 

– So I guess everyone just comes and goes from the magical Grimm trailer whenever they want to these days. I loved how Rosalee was so pumped to be in the super secret club house until she remembered what, historically, it was for. Awkward. 

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