Grimm: Love Sick or Sick of Love?

Grimm S01E17: "Love Sick"

This week on Grimm: murder food, family spats, and life-or-death cockblocking! “Love Sick” finally brought the Hexenbiest love potion to Nick’s attention, and we found out Renard and Adalind’s endgame for the Hank-obsession spell (spoiler alert: It’s not worth the build-up).

The episode started with a flashback to Aunt Marie telling Nick to keep the Grimm Key safe, which was helpful because I'd literally forgotten it existed. While no lock in Auntie’s trailer fit, Nick discovered there was some kind of image on the key.

On the creature side, we learned that Captain Renard’s extended family in Europe is not happy he hasn’t gotten the key yet and that he’s just merrily letting a Grimm run amok in his city, exposition we got from his Swiss cousin and British valet. Renard shot them both dead, which was unfortunate because I really liked the droll Woolsey and was sort of hoping to see more of him. Not upset about the cousin, though—that fake “Swiss” accent was a crime in its own right. The fact that Renard only shot him once showed restraint.

We then got our first glimpse at the Nick/Juliette dynamic since Juliette responded to Nick’s marriage proposal a hell-to-the-no. It was like Grimm hoped we'd forgotten last week’s episode. They were laughing together, they were hugging each other, they went out on a tension-free double date with Hank and Adalind—they did everything but mention that their proposal vacation ended in a gunfight and Juliette telling Nick she distrusted him. Nick was more upset over Hank’s choice to date Adalind. It’s a good thing Grimm has the interplay between Wesen down pat, because the show sure is clueless when it comes to human behavior.

Anyhow, the Murder Food segment of the episode began when Nick finally noticed Sergeant Wu’s taste for office supplies. Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee connected it to Hank’s behavior and the Hexenbiest love cookies the hapless Wu had ingested. Then Wu ended up in the hospital because, you know, office supplies. Nick realized that in order to save Hank from Adalind, he would have to run the world’s biggest cockblock. Bring on the passive-aggressive lecturing!

We got a second look at the intricacies of Wesen family dynamics when the mysterious older, blonde lady Captain visited to discuss Adalind’s progress—and turned out to be none other than Adalind’s mother. Though she seemed like a combination of Pageant Mom and HexenBitch, Adalind seemed delighted to see her...and confided in Mother Dearest that while she loves Captain Renard, she planned to see the seducing Hank thing through to the end, as this plan was somehow going to get Renard the Grimm Key. The two bonded over beauty tips and, because this is Grimm, they put bloody leeches on Adalind’s face.

After some way-too-short Monroe and Rosalee flirting while they researched the Hexenbiest concoction, Team Grimm discovered the love potion would kill Hank. They created an antidote and successfully tested it on Sergeant Wu, but were too late to prevent Hank from having sex with Adalind (a different kind of Grimm “ew”). Hank didn't die, however, because Adalind had changed the potion, and we finally found out why she and Renard had been tormenting Hank—it was an overly complicated plot to exchange Hank’s life for Nick’s key! That seems like it could have been resolved in, like, one go instead of multiple episodes, but maybe Grimm just enjoys torturing people.

So Nick learned he had to kill Adalind to save Hank, which led him to woodenly request that he and Adalind settle their differences “violently”...and the two awkwardly threw down in the middle of the Portland woods. Nick planted a kiss on Adalind in order to get her to bite him and ingest his blood, which somehow destroyed her Wesen powers. Mommy Dearest and Renard unsympathetically showed powerless Adalind the door, and Nick discovered that the key is actually a map—but where to?

Outside of learning that Renard has a thing for blondes and Wesen families are as messed up as human ones, there were a lot of letdowns in this episode. The long-awaited Renard/Adalind master plan reveal turned out to be simple blackmail and definitely did not need a multiple-episode set-up. It was good to learn a little more about Renard and Adalind’s families—and I can’t wait to see who shows up from Europe to bury Cousin Awful Accent—but “Love Sick” felt like the teaser for a bigger Wesen family episode.

Secondly, Juliette and Nick’s relationship is so void of any semblance to real human relationships it’s almost an accomplishment. Why are they on such good terms after she rejected him? Why is Nick not upset? I know he told Hank he was, but that was a blatant cover for him being upset over Adalind. Now, I’m no proposal expert, but saying no to one, even if it’s not a dating deal-breaker, isn’t something you shrug off. But apparently it is in the Grimm-verse—or maybe it is for the breathtakingly awful Nick/Juliette duo.

Above all, last night’s biggest disappointment? There was not nearly enough Monroe/Rosalee flirting! Here’s hoping next week’s episode title, "Cat and Mouse," is somehow code for “Rosalee and Monroe Get It On!”


– What does the key unlock, and where does the map lead?

– Why does Renard’s family want the key?

– Why is Renard so bad at hiding murder? I mean, he’s a super-powerful monster and the Chief of Police. Surely he’s seen enough crimes to know what not to do, right?

– What is Renard? So far our hints are that he has connections to Europe, a large extended (and possibly once-upon-a-time royal) family, and is powerful enough to run off Reapers and other creatures by “claiming” Portland. What do you guys think? Do any fairy tales match him? I suspect this is going to be a question for the rest of the season.

– Why is Nick seemingly okay with Juliette after she said “no f’ing way” to his marriage proposal?

– What will happen to the de-powered Adalind?

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