Grimm: Mommie Dearest

Grimm S01E22: "Woman In Black"

“Woman In Black,” last night’s fantastic Grimm finale, wove together almost every single thread that’s been left dangling over the course of Season 1, from Hank’s Wesen glimpses to Nick’s parents to Adalind to mentions of the Seven Royals and more.

Hank was going speedily insane as the episode began, his human mind unable to process the Wesen transformation he saw last episode. Nick spared little time to worry about his partner, focused on Akira Kimura instead and wondering how Kimura, the Coins, and his parents were related.

He didn’t have long to wonder as Kimura showed up in Portland to look for the Coins, killing the ex-cop he hired to tail Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Captain Renard before he slunk off to murder Captain Renard’s maid. Sorry Edgar, I have a new favorite Wesen hit man in town and his name is Snowflake Viking Tattoo!

Speaking of unrepentant murderers, Adalind returned! After she fed potion to her cat Magique (wah wah wah) she let kitty scratch Juliette the Vet. Apparently Adalind had just enough magic left for revenge, and the odds were ten-to-one that Juliette was about to develop something a lot spookier than cat-scratch disease.

Kimura’s wanton murdering set the Portland PD on his trail, along with a mysterious woman who rocked an absolutely awesome black hoodie/jacket combination. Seriously, it was really nicely fitted (tailor-made, maybe?). Anyhow, Kimura went after Renard, displaying an interrogation style heavy on threatening people with a scimitar. Despite this, Renard never went Wesen. Kimura also never recognized Renard as someone to fear the way every other Wesen who tangled with Renard has—making us wonder, once again, who is Captain Renard?

Portland’s finest freed Renard, and Monroe joined Nick for some quality Team Grimm book-poring-over in Aunt Marie’s trailer. Filling a crossbow with sleeping potion, Nick returned home in time for Juliette to explain how Adalind’s cat scratched her. The Juliette/Nick plot shot into overdrive as Nick freaked out, and there was only one solution: Take Juliette to the trailer and show her the truth!

Except here’s the thing—Juliette’s seen the trailer, and shoving crappy drawings of monsters under her nose was not going to convince her.

To give Grimm credit, I always assumed when the big reveal happened, Juliette and Nick’s relationship would be strained because Juliette believed him—not because she would think he should be committed. Joyfully throwing my expectations out the window, the scene also let Grimm poke fun at itself as Nick rattled off complicated German names and events and Juliette went, “Huh?”

Desperate, Nick took her to Monroe for final proof (because hey, remember how Hank began to lose his mind after one glimpse of Wesen Monroe? Yeah, do that to your girlfriend). Before Blutbading could happen, however, Adalind’s potion took effect. Nick rushed Juliette to the hospital while Monroe rushed to the side of everyone’s favorite Team Grimm member -- Rosalee! -- to find a cure.

Adalind was in the wind, and a near miss with the woman in black had Hank cradling the biggest shotgun I’ve ever seen. Nick returned home just as Mr. Snowflake finished trashing the place. They fought; Nick shot his crossbow and missed! But just when things looked grimm (sorry), the woman in black strolled in, dispatched Kimura, and revealed herself to Nick.

It was his mother. She’s alive.

End of episode!

I’ve never seen an episode of television scream for a Lost-style cut-to-black ending the way the Grimm finale did last night. Though there are many reasons to praise it, all I can think about now is Nick’s parents and how he's connected to the Grimms. The best part about the Nick/Juliette scene in the trailer was seeing that Nick genuinely likes being a Grimm. He was visibly excited to reveal his double life, a little smile on his lips as he showed off weapons and potions the same way a model-train-obsessed husband would show off a new track layout to his wife. The instant Nick began to smile was the instant he found peace with his Grimm calling -- and of course, the instant it all fell apart with Juliette.

But the main thing that will keep us itching for Season 2 is Nick’s mother. Just when Nick thought he had it figured out, the world once more went out of its way to prove him wrong. This has been a theme of the series since the very beginning: Nick began as cop about to propose to his girlfriend and live the white-picket-fence American dream. That all shattered when the death of Aunt Marie introduced him to the Wesen world. Now that Nick’s finally got his footing as a Grimm, his past has come back to uproot him once again.

Watching Nick struggle with the help of Monroe has always been the real hook of Grimm; now that Mamma Nick is in the picture I suspect we're in for a whole new world of trouble in Season 2, and I cannot wait.

So Many Questions!

1. Is Nick’s mother a Grimm? If so, what will Mamma Nick think about Nick’s friendship with a Blutbad and a Fuchsbau?

2. Why did Mamma Nick fake her own death and make Aunt Marie raise her son?

3. Is Nick’s dad alive, too?

4. Where can I buy Mamma Nick’s fabulous hoodie/jacket? Will the NBC store sell it to me?

5. Is Kimura’s Dragon’s Tongue organization Asia’s equivalent of the European Royal Families? Will we see either group next season?

6. Is this the last we’ve seen of Adalind?

7. What do you think the potion Adalind cat-scratched into Juliette will do to her?

8. Will Hank lose his mind or will Nick explain to his friend what’s going on?

9. What is Captain Renard? Why didn’t Kimura recognize him the way all the other Wesen have? Is it possible that Renard is human, and just somehow tied to the Royals?

10. And of course, the most burning question of all: Will Season 2 feature more Rosalee???

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