Grimm "Mr. Sandman" Review: The Fly

Grimm S02E15: "Mr. Sandman"

This week’s Grimm got as much mileage as was humanly (Wesenly?) possible out of playing “Mr. Sandman” on loop as a Wesen that fed on human tears roamed the land and Team Grimm sat down for a best-friends dinner.

A South African fly Wesen was on the loose in Portland, stalking grief-counseling groups and blinding sad women in order to eat their tears (yes, this was a real plot on a real show that adult people watch). Nick and Hank were called in after one victim pulled a bookshelf down on top of herself and wound up crushed to death, and learned that she'd been blinded by eye parasites. The pair then got a chance to study what happened to Fly Guy’s living victims after his next target was brought into the hospital—and because this is Grimm, we saw the parasites eat her eyes and pour out of the empty sockets in bloody detail!

Meanwhile, in the ongoing mythology B-plots, Adalind had tea with a wrinkly Hexenbeist lady and revealed that she’s pregnant by one of the Ro-Bros. She and her companion cackled over how much the baby is going to be "worth," and was clear that Adalind isn't going to win “Mother of the Year” anytime soon.

And then Hank, Monroe, Rosalee, and Nick enjoyed a delightful dinner where they deduced that Captain Renard must be a disgraced Royal due to his Hexen-blood, and then they drank a lot of wine. The Captain in question had a nightmare about Juliette, and Juliette continued to hallucinate as her memories of Nick came back. 

After tracking Fly Guy to another one of Portland’s myriad grief-counseling groups, Nick was parasite-blinded by the Wesen and unexpectedly developed super-hearing to compensate. Rosalee revealed that the only way to cure Nick’s blindness was to carve out Fly Guy’s eyes with a spoon (which was actually a spork, Grimm writers, get your utensils straight, would you?) and rub them on Nick’s face. The Team tracked the Fly back to the home of his second victim just as he was trying to tear-eat victim number three (the sister of victim number two). Super-hearing Nick bested Fly Guy, made the disgusting antidote, and victim three fatally stabbed the parasite-ridden Wesen. The end.

First off, I desperately hope group dinners become a regular occurrence for Team Grimm. Just imagine: Each week we watch the gang try to figure out who wants to kill them/help them/eat their tears while sharing some grilled portabella mushrooms in a red wine reduction. Though I have to say that watching a group of sweater-clad white people discuss work over an organic, vegetarian meal was the most Portland thing I’ve ever seen. Next week: Everyone goes for brunch! 

"Mr. Sandman" featured some great Monroe line deliveries (my favorite: the disgusted pause in, “When I removed his... brain”), plus some fun camerawork in the climax as we stayed focused on Nick fumbling in the dark (though I wish the episode had stuck with the gimmick until Fly Guy was subdued). But while last week's "Natural Born Wesen" effortlessly combined the mythology and case-of-the-week plots, “Mr. Sandman” lurched around trying to hit all of Grimm’s storylines. The short scenes with Adalind and Renard weren't enough to satisfy, especially since I care way more about the Royal machinations and inner workings of the Wesen world than I do about a lone monster criminal. The complex mythology is the best thing about this show, yet the writers seem to think we tune in for the boring, formulaic crime aspect. With most of Season 2 now behind us, Grimm is still trying to decide what type of series its going to be.


... Do all fly Wesen have parasites, or was this one sick?

... Why was Fly Guy popping pills?

... How did Nick and Hank explain Rosalee and Monroe to the rest of the police? I mean, they had to call the police after Casey stabbed Fly Guy, right?

... Juliette knows that she’s hallucinating because of whatever Rosalee gave her, so why hasn’t she gone to see a real doctor?

... Why are the Royals so prejudiced against Hexenbeists? Hexenbeists seem to have no problem with the Royals.

7. Who wears giant sweaters better, Rosalee or Monroe?

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