Grimm "Over My Dead Body" Review: When Date Night Turns Deadly

Grimm S2E06: "Over My Dead Body"

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: It’s hard out there for a Grimm! Especially when the Royals start targeting your friends in an effort to undermine you—this is why superheroes have secret identities, Nick. Passions were flying high this week as date night, or in Renard’s case, potentially-lethal-booty-call-night, turned sour in bloody Grimm fashion.

“Over My Dead Body” began with Monroe's best wooing outfit to date. The green bowtie! The giant vest! The baggy button-down shirt underneath the giant vest! I will discuss hand-carved Cuckoo Birds with you any day, Monroe, though Rosalee has me beat when it comes to zither talk. If there has ever been a better pairing on genre TV, I’ll eat my hat (or Monroe’s tweed bowtie collection).

Alas, into this cozy and very geeky date burst Monroe’s insanely hot and insanely insane ex-girlfriend, Angelina. It appeared that Little Miss Murderer wound up tasked with killing Monroe after she dispatched the original hit man and would-be rapist, again bringing up the disturbing, nonchalant way Grimm seems to view sexual assault. She had 24 hours to deliver Monroe’s body or end up dead herself.

Over in the Portland PD side of the world we learned that Renard really has a thing for blondes as he flirted with an old “friend” and Royal lady, Mia. Mia sympathized with how her poor Captain had been treated by his family and we discovered that Renard had a plan to regain his “rightful place.” Renard also found out that Mia had met with the Dragon’s Tongue and he probably shouldn’t trust her as far as he could spit.

Nick did some wooing of his own as he and Juliette tried to re-start their romance and jump-start Juliette’s memory. Here's a tip for you, Nick: When trying to describe your years-long relationship with your ex-fiancé, do better than, “We started talking and sort of never stopped.” Juliette immediately got a taste of pre-amnesia life with Nick, as he avoided talking about his secrets and ran over to Monroe’s. Sexy!

Everything came to a head as Nick discovered Monroe was in danger only because they were friends. Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Miss Murder Rap hatched a plan to put Monroe under a death spell and ambush whover wanted him dead. The plan worked initially, as they saw that Mia was the Royal who paid to dispatch Monroe, but fell apart when Angelina took a bullet for him, and the episode ended with Monroe’s sad Blutbad funeral for his one-time killer squeeze.

“Did you know she killed another guy tonight?” was probably the best Nick line has ever uttered, cementing what I’ve suspected for a long time: Nick’s at his best when he’s a little pissed at the world. I love David Giuntoli, but compared to the rest of Grimm's charismatic cast, he can come off as stiff or bland. He has the unenviable job of playing a straight man and serving as the audience’s eyes and ears, the combination of which can make him seem lacking in the personality department. But Giuntoli shines when he gets to roll his eyes at the Wesen world, and he's genuinely funny when he gets all short-tempered in response to the craziness going on around him. As the Royals start targeting Nick and his “family,” I can only hope we’ll see less of straight-man Nick and more of hilariously irritated Nick.

Hank and Monroe’s bonding time thankfully clarified the mechanics of who can see Wesen once and for all, and we also saw more of the downside of being a Grimm, which seems like a worse and worse job with every episode. Being friends with Nick is risky, and while murdering people seems to no longer phase Nick (is anyone else worried about just how not-bothered Nick and Hank, who are both cops, are with shooting people and covering up murders?), what does shake Nick to his core is the idea that his existence will put others in danger.

While I would prefer the show to have Nick agonize a little over his body-strewn Grimm path (again, he’s supposed to be a cop), putting pressure on all of Team Grimm is an excellent way to further develop Nick’s character. Let’s hope we haven’t seen the last of Mia or her cobra-headed hit-men hires.


– What was Monroe like before he chilled out and started making clocks?

– Will Mia or the other Royals send someone after Rosalee next?

– Will it bother Hank that he just stone-cold shot people in the woods and then hid the murders? Cops, people, these guys are cops!

– How does the Dragon’s Tongue fit into the European Royals’ schemes?

– What is Renard’s overall plan to get back at the Royal families, and does it involve the Grimm Key?

– Will Nick discover this season that Renard is the Royal?

– Will Juliette fall in love with Renard, and will that make us like her more?

– Finally, will Angelina’s death affect the fledgling MonRosalee MonRomance and MonRelationship? Okay, that last one didn’t work, but you get my drift.

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