Grimm Q&A: Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe!) on MonRosalee and Why Season 2 Is Better Than Season 1

Late last week, I had a chance to briefly speak with Grimm’s Silas Weir Mitchell—who plays everyone’s favorite character, Monroe the reformed Blutbad—about what’s coming up in Season 2. He was making the press rounds to promote the release of Grimm Season 1 on DVD and Blu-ray (watch an exclusive gag reel here!), and though he couldn’t/wouldn’t give up much—seriously, he even said he hates interviews where he has to talk about what’s ahead show “because I like people to have mystery in their lives”—please trust me when I say that he just sounded so sincere and truly excited about Season 2 that I couldn’t help but love the guy for sticking to his guns. And it’s not like he didn’t say anything; here’s what he DID reveal about what to expect in the episodes ahead.

I’m just gonna jump right in: One of the biggest fan questions going into Season 2 is what’s going to happen between Monroe and Rosalee?

Everybody’s really psyched for some MonRosalee? I don’t even know if we’re going to become a couple, but you know, there’s certainly some affinity there, we’re both Wesen trying to navigate our way in the human world and leave our darker past behind, so I definitely think there’s real potential for something. There’s actually a great episode that kind of shows how— It shows the way that storyline is great. There are some really fun complications and misunderstandings and— The writers are really having fun with it.

How far into Season 2 are you, filming-wise?

We are about to start Episode 7.

So we’re looking at relatively early in the season for some MonRosalee action.

Yeah, there’s a little MonRosalee action early in the season. But true to good storytelling, it ain’t what you expect.

The other “important” lady in Monroe’s life right now is Nick’s mom, who’s not as dead as we thought. Seeing as her first instinct is to murder you, how does that relationship progress?

Tenuously. It’s a very, very dangerous situations to be in a room with two Grimms, one of whom doesn’t know what the hell is going on.

So is that what we’ll see in the premiere? I know Season 2 picks up right where Season 1 left off...

Yeah, we pick up right out of the gate— The show is just guns blazing, and it’s really, really fun. Honestly—and I’m not just being sort a shill and a booster when I say this—I think this season’s really good. The writing is really tight, we didn’t barely have a break [between seasons] so we’re all totally in the story, the writers are telling really fun stories, they’re telling them well, the actors are settling in, the show looks amazing— If you liked Season 1 you’re going to love Season 2 because I just think it’s just better. I’m really excited for it. Cool stuff is happening.

What’s going to be the balance this season between the monster-of-the-week procedural elements versus the bigger arcs?

There’s a lot of big arc stuff, especially at the beginning. There’s a lot of revelations, there’s a lot of stuff about the underpinnings of the world and how the world works, where it’s humans and Wesen and Grimms, and good Wesen and bad Wesen, and then there’s the Royals stuff that was touched on in the middle of Season 1 with Rosalee’s ex-boyfriend— There’s a lot of rich mythology in the beginning of the season.

Will you be doing a lot of Blutbad-ing as everything unfolds?

You’ll have to wait and see! But there is an element of— If you look at that big poster, that kind of tells part of the story, where I think Monroe’s on a warpath and he needs people around him. There, that’s all I can say.

What do you mean by he needs people around him?

He needs a support system.

In order for him to stay—


Maybe we should just do this interview as a Madlib.

I love Madlibs!

Okay, new topic. We’ve got Juliette in a coma still, yeah?

Yeah, Juliette’s in deep doo-doo.

What secret Wesen tricks are Monroe and Rosalee going to fall back on to save her?

Who’s to say that Monroe and Rosalee save her? Maybe other things happen.

I like it.

That’s a really good quote right there! Maybe other things happen. Be more vague! No, I’m sorry I can’t.

What can you say about Season 2?

Season 2 is about the bigger picture. If Season 1 was about Nick dealing with the fact that he’s a Grimm, Seaon 2 is about the people around him being affected by the fact that he’s a Grimm, and how the world is dangerous. The world is much more dangerous because the word is getting out, and the balances of power are getting out of whack, and people are really gunnin’ for Nick, and he’s gotta watch his back. There’s a lot of action, a lot of mythology, and it’s less about creature-of-the-week and more about the way the world works, which I think is really fun and exciting and the fans are really gonna dig it. There’s still plenty of Wesen, there’s still plenty of morphing, and there’s still plenty of chills and scares and creepy ugly stuff about the way the world works— there’s still plenty of that in the show, but along with that there’s a lot of wonderful revelations and questions about the deeper picture of the Grimm world in particular. The mechanisms that make the Grimms versus Wesen versus Royals power struggle— that all comes to the surface.

Plus some comic relief from our good buddy Monroe.

Well, Monroe sees the world in a very unique way. I love living in his headspace.

Grimm Season 2 premieres tonight at 10pm on NBC.

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Aug 15, 2012
Love me some Monroe and all but this interview was lotsa smoke and no reveal. am all sorts of mad right now cause this season is turning out to be Epic already. I wanna know more . Please interview someone that's gonna give a little more reveal!
Aug 14, 2012
More Monroe, please!!!
Aug 14, 2012
I. Can't. WAIT!
Aug 14, 2012
I. Can't. WAIT!

I have so many questions on my mind. So many thoughts. And I can't wait to watch the new episode. I'm happy they brought it back earlier. I think that's a smart move!
Aug 14, 2012
Love me some Monroe and Rosalee but MonRosalee? How about Monsalee or Rosamon instead?

I think NBC is really smart to bring the show back this early when other shows are still on break.

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