Grimm "Quill" Review: A MonRomance Blooms

Grimm S02E04: “Quill”

If Monday’s Grimm were an episode of Friends it would have been titled, “The One Where Multiple Plots Thicken.” We had a MonRosalee kiss, Juliette stumbling onto the Grimms, Renard investigating Mama Nick, Renard spying on the Royal Families, Hank forcibly joining the team, and—as if all of that wasn't enough—there was also an ew-inducing Dark Ages plague, for good procedural measure.

“Quill” began as the aforementioned Wesen-infecting virus hit Portland. It caused the carriers to break out in horrifically gross boils and yellow pustules and basically made them act like 28 Days Later rage zombies. Now, last week everyone was mad at me for not recognizing Mark Pellegrino, so get ready for me to call out the name of the guest actor who played the porcupine Wesen every two seconds: Kevin Shinick, from Robot Chicken, Ugly Americans, MAD, and Where In Time Is Carmen San Diego?!

Anyhow, Shinick's Porcupine Man fended off a pustule-zombie-Wesen but got infected with the disease through his quills. Nick and a newly Grimm-appraised Hank investigated, and the show answered last week’s big question by confirming that Hank still cannot see the Wesen despite knowing about them.

Jumping into plot two: Renard seemed to be suspicious of Mama Nick’s “death” and was possibly putting together the news of a double Grimm sighting as the recent reunion of the Burkhardt clan. He also got a call from his mole in the Seven Families, who warned him that the Families sent a Nuckelavee (horse-man) to Portland, which hinted at a grander scheme Renard is part of, outside the Families’ knowledge.

Plot three saw Juliette trying to remember Nick. We learned she could remember some things about Nick when she flashed back to the fearful Eisbiber plumber from Season 1. She invited him over and, not knowing the score, he told her Nick was a Grimm. He then fumbled a cover story and took off for the hills as Juliette put on the bug-eyed “I’m pondering” face she’s worn for the past two episodes.

Plot four had Monroe finally, finally, finally ask out Rosalee! Rosalee answered positively but I could barely hear it as the legions of cheering MonRosalee fans around the world drowned her out. Because this is Grimm their super-sweet picnic in the picturesque Portland woods was interrupted by Kevin, foaming at the mouth due to the virus, which brings us back to plot one. Full circle!

Hank and Nick made it to Rosalee’s apothecary just as she began showing symptoms and Hank got a rushed introduction to Team Grimm as Monroe mixed medicine to counteract the plague. The episode then ended with Rosalee and Kevin healed and MonRosalee shyly taking their first steps toward a real relationship... while the Nuckelavee hit man watched from above.

Thematically Grimm continues to upend the pieces on the board. Just like Hank and Juliette, we’re all frantically evaluating and re-evaluating with every new piece of information we have. Does Renard spying on the Royal Families make him good? Is it bad that non-Wesen and Grimms are learning about the secret world lying side-by-side with ours? We also have to ask ourselves what good and bad means to the various agendas and plots flying around. In Season 1 it would have been a good thing for Juliette to find out about Nick being a Grimm. Now that she has no memory of him, this feels like it’ll lead to disaster.

Similarly, Renard is wrapped up in so many secrets and alliances it’s impossible to tell whether we should root for him or not. He’s a cop and invested in stopping criminals, so that’s good; but he’s a Prince of the Royal Families, so that’s bad. He wants to keep the Royals out of Portland, so that’s good; but he sent Adalind to kill Aunt Marie and threaten Hank, so that’s bad. Renard is transforming into one of the show’s most interesting and ambiguous characters, once again reflecting what I think of as Season 2’s overarching theme: Nothing is what it seems.

However, the less analytical part of me simply wants to “awwww” over Rosalee and Monroe for forever.


Bree Turner acted the Hell out of infected Rosalee, making me laugh as she insisted she was infected “With love!” one moment and jump as she barked out commands in the next. She and Silas Weir Mitchell have real chemistry and I could watch a show of just them gazing lovingly at each other for hours. Forget “Pond Life”—I demand a web series devoted to Monroe and Rosalee’s relationship, stat!

... Now that the term “Grimm” has been said in her hearing, will Juliette flashback to the memory of Nick taking her to Monroe’s for him to Blutbad out?

... Also, is it weird Juliette seems fine with living in the same house as a (from her perspective) complete stranger?

... Is Adalind’s cat dead? Can one simply run over Magique, the murder cat?

... What is the big plan Renard and his mole are afraid of jeopardizing? Is he part of the Resistance?

... What horror will interrupt Monroe and Rosalee’s second date? Ten bucks says it’s the Nuckelavee hit man.

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