Grimm "Ring of Fire" Review: Some Like It Hot

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Ed. Note: We originally published this review last week, on April 20, even though "Volcanalis" (originally "Ring of Fire") was preempted in many (and possibly all) U.S. markets due to breaking news coverage of the Boston bombings. The episode is re-airing as "new" tonight (April 26), hence the re-post, and the next *completely* new episode of Grimm, "Endangered," is scheduled for Tuesday, April 30... at which point the show will take over NBC's Tuesday-at-10pm slot for the rest of the season. See you then!

Grimm  S02E18: "Volcanalis" (originally "Ring of Fire")

When last we saw Nick Burkhardt and company, Rosalee was being manipulated by a Ziegevolk defense attorney using his pheromone powers to influence the jury (which Rosalee sat on); Nick, Monroe, and Hank were working to neutralize the effect before a murderer got away with... well, murder; and Juliette was slowly becoming overwhelmed by all of the walking, talking Nick memories that occupied her house. After a brief hiatus and a promotion to Tuesdays that will take effect on April 30, Grimm returned last night with a trek to Mt. Hood and an unwanted, homicidal souvenir: Volcanalis. 

The demonic-looking monster was last seen in ancient times in Pompeii, when Vesuvius buried the city, and was aiming to give Portland the same treatment because those pesky geologists kept stealing rocks without "showing respect." Well, they dead now. 

Gruesome. Despite its home on broadcast TV, Grimm can usually be counted on not to shy away from the gore. 

With all of the hype leading up to Grimm's volcano monster debut, you'd think the thing would have been slightly more difficult to defeat than your average Wesen, but with a little baiting and a liquid nitrogen shower, Volcanalis was quickly neutralized and Portlandia was safe from a horrific death by scalding hot lava. So yeah, the case-of-the-week was rather straightforward, but by no means unenjoyable. 

And more importantly, "Ring of Fire" did a lot to progress this sometimes-slow season along. Juliette's hallucinations of Nick have gradually been getting stronger and more distracting, to the point that the woman was scared to enter her own home. Pilar told her that the only way to make the hallucinations stop, the only way that Juliette would remember Nick completely, was for Juliette to pick a memory and immerse herself in it. In a rather symbolic gesture, Juliette went with the time she and Nick first time shacked up; by immersing herself in memories of moving in together, Juliette figuratively invited Nick completely back into her memory. Get it? Get it? 

By the end of the episode, she was re-imagining a proposal and pulling their cutsey snapshots out of the Drawer of Shame. Looks like those two crazy kids are finally getting back together. Maybe. Probably.  

What did you think of "Ring of Fire"?


– Hank took his first vacay in four years. Yeah, Hank!

– Adalind's baby daddy was confirmed to be a Royal, like she claimed. She apparently plans to sell the baby to get her powers back because she's classy like that. 

– Man, when Adalind inevitably gets re-Hexenbiestified, she's going to rain so much rage down on Nick and his peeps. I can't wait. 

– "Keeping Portland weird." I see what you did there. 

– Are we happy about Juliette finally getting her shit together?

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