Grimm "The Hour of Death" Review: The Worst Internship Ever

Grimm S0210: "The Hour of Death"

A killer Grimm fan was on the loose this week, taking out Wesen and tearing down everything Nick has worked for in “The Hour of Death,” an episode that had thrills, chills, and an unfortunate emphasis on Juliette.

A human girl had gone missing and Nick burned the midnight oil on the case. He also burned his bridges with Juliette as they snapped at each other over Nick sleeping on the couch. Nick and Hank found the kidnapper, a Wesen named Adrian, but he torched the evidence and forced Nick and Hank to let him go. Nick wanted to go Grimm vigilante and shoot a truth serum into Adrian, but someone else found Adrian first and made the Wesen confess where the girl was, then killed him. Monroe and Eisbiber Bud freaked over over an image branded onto Adrian's body, the symbol for an ancient group of Grimms who wanted to wipe out all Wesen.

In the Juliette B-plot Juliette did a terrible job trying to find Adalind. Renard and Juliette met to “talk about Nick” and okay, I’m going to derail this for a second to yell at Juliette.

Juliette admitted that she just doesn’t feel anything for Nick, yet recoiled from Renard’s hand-holding. Why? Nothing Juliette does makes sense—it’s like she’s hellbent on being as passive as humanly possible. Kiss your boyfriend only to have kissy-face memories about another man? Run away. Have a witch woman tell you details about your life she couldn’t have known and hint that there's a darker power at work? Run away! Have the man you’ve been fantasizing about hit on you? RUN AWAY! I don’t know why Juliette’s even bothering to open her mouth at this point; it’s clear she’s only here as angst-inducing decoration.

Nick and Hank discovered that Adrian had a kidnapping accomplice, but so did the Grimm who killed him, and the accomplice ended up dead and branded too. But security cameras caught a glimpse of the killer, and after weeks of questioning his purpose it turned out the killer was... Intern Ryan! In a case of hero worship gone sour, Intern thought of himself as an old-school Grimm who believed that all Wesen should be killed, and that Nick has been doing an awful job of it. But, as Nick discovered after he stopped Intern Ryan from killing Eisbiber Bud, Intern Ryan was nothing more than a self-hating Wesen himself.

The episode ended as Renard returned Juliette’s sunglasses and stole a kiss! A kiss where Renard supplied all of the chemistry—or maybe Juliette was supposed to be too shocked to convincingly kiss him back? Anyhow, the liplock led Juliette to remember Renard’s wake-up smooch—which, you guessed it, caused her to slam the door and run away.

Once again I found myself falling to my knees, brandishing my fists and screaming one character name in anguished despair to the heavens: JULIETTE!

Criticizing this character is like picking at a scab—you know no good will come of it, but you just can’t stop. I mean would it kill the writers to give Juliette something to do? Seriously: Would it physically kill them? Is there an elaborate Saw reverse bear-trap that will go off should they let Juliette take some initiative? Is it written in blood that Juliette shall never show curiosity or imagination and if anyone tries to write such a scene he shall be branded, Intern Ryan-style? Is there a tontine?

Though Juliette (JULIETTE!) left me hanging my head in defeat, the rest of the episode was top-notch, a highly enjoyable thriller with a fun Grimm twist. The stakes were high for everyone, from Nick to the innocent Wesen bystanders (poor Bud!). Even though “The Hour Of Death” did not push the show's mythology forward, I was completely fine with that, as the episode provided enough cop-show fodder for us audience members to sink our teeth into. The best episodes of Grimm tend to either be full-on mythology episodes or full-on cop-procedural episodes, and this one was a dynamite example of the latter.

It was also a relief to find out Intern Ryan’s deal, though it would have been nice to spend more time getting to know him as a person, not just a recurring gag, before his big reveal. Imagine if Ryan had been introduced at the beginning of the season, grown into our favorite new Portland PD addition, and then we found out his secret! Still, "The Hour of Death" created quite the complicated character, one we can’t help but pity. Let’s cross our fingers for more suicidal Intern Ryan next week (or at least for learning what the heck he is).


– Why did Hank immediately think Nick killed Adrian?

– Why is Juliette looking for Adalind? Is she finally taking the witch-woman’s cat tip to heart?

– Are Wesen the only ones who commit crimes in Portland? Is there ever human-on-Wesen crime?

– What sort of Wesen is Intern Ryan?

– Will Renard’s obsession go into overdrive now that he’s actually kissed Juliette?

– Rosalee actress Bree Turner has been gone from the show because she had a baby! Wishing her all the best, do you think we’ll see Rosalee again this season, or will she return later for Season 3?

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