Grimm "The Kiss" Review: Forgetting Nick Burkhardt

Grimm S02E02: "The Kiss"

“The Kiss” picked up right where “Bad Teeth” left off, in the middle of the Saber Face/Nick battle in the lumber mill. Mama Nick killed the Wesen and Nick raced to the hospital where Monroe and Rosalee waited with a potion for Juliette. The potion was only able to stop the memory loss, not revive Juliette; Nick administered the drops while Monroe, Rosalee, and battle-scarred Mama Nick ran interference (the doctors, I guess, didn’t recognize Nick from past visits?).

Nick then got called to a crime scene and tasked Monroe and Rosalee with driving home the homicidal, Wesen-hating Mama Nick. Oh, the joys of carpooling!

So remember when Mama Nick stabbed Saber Face to death? Yep, so does the the FBI because that’s the crime scene Nick got called to. Though he sneakily stole his gun back (it was dropped in the fight), two more FBI Agents with interchangeable names waltzed in and claimed the investigation.

In the Team Grimm carpool-from-hell, Monroe did his best to pretend it was not at all petrifying to chauffeur Mama Nick. However, the Ballsiest Wesen Award went to Rosalee, who told Mama Nick about Juliette learning that Nick’s a Grimm, then hugged her. Mama Nick made a facial spasm that could be construed as a smile and didn’t murder either Wesen, so we’ll call that a step in the right direction.

Because all evidence pointed toward Nick being involved in the lumber-mill killing, the FBI barged in and confronted Nick about it. Tying the boat murders to Saber Face, Nick evaded turning over his gun for ballistics (and dumped it in the river instead) but agreed to a DNA swab after some visible gulping. Hank may be going to crazy-town in a hand basket, but he proved a solid friend when he revealed he knew Nick fought Saber Face but trusted Nick, so long as Nick does not hang him out to dry, which seems like a pretty reasonable request, all things considered.

Captain Renard called Saber Face’s handler, Mr. “I’m on the Phone” Royal Wesen from last week’s episode (British actor and True Blood cast member James Frain, for all you genre fans). We learned Mr. Royal was Captain Renard’s brother Eric—and Renard was not happy Eric sent his grunt to Portland. Renard also pondered the newspaper report of Nick’s parents’ death.

With the FBI trailing Nick, Mama Nick volunteered to persuade Adalind’s mother to reverse the spell on Juliette. Captain Renard also paid HexenMom a visit and she handed over a gross sludge shake that would make Renard “pure of heart” so he could wake up Juliette. The Renard revelation we'd been waiting for dropped when HexenMom taunted that the potion would hurt him, because he is “barely human.” Looks like Renard is a Wesen, though that comment could be interpreted as meaning that he’s got some sort of link to humans as well.

Mama Nick intruded and learned from HexenMom that there was a Royal Prince in Portland—literally a bastard—and he was the only one who could save Juliette. Mama Nick then beat the living daylight out of the Wesen with a rolled-up magazine, accidentally sending HexenMom to her death. With family like this, who needs enemies?

Nick was arrested and interrogated by the FBI officers who knew he was covering for a family member due to DNA evidence. But with nothing else to go on (and them falling for Nick’s gun switcheroo) they let him go—right onto the new crime scene left behind by Mama Nick. In a heart-to-heart Nick forgave his mother and she suggested it was time for her to go. Based on the body count she’s left behind, I think we can all say, “Duh.”

Renard revelation number two dropped when Renard, anticipating pain from the heart-purge milkshake, showed his Wesen side! Transforming, he looked like a half-burned corpse, but he pulled it together before going full... whatever you call a Wesen half-burned corpse. The milkshake also magically prompted him to rip off his shirt, which in turn magically prompted all female Grimm fans to admire his washboard abs.

Nick gave Mama Nick the Coins and dropped her off at the train station, where she broke into a car and sped away. Our Grimm booked it to the hospital, but Captain Renard, the Royal bastard Prince, got there first and planted a kiss on Juliette. He took off, Juliette woke up, and Nick emotionally told her how much he loved her. Juliette’s response: “Who are you?”

There’s a lot I could say about this episode, but that would mean I'd need to stop doing my celebratory “We finally know what Captain Renard is!” dance—and I will never stop! Even though we don’t know what kind of Wesen he is, the reveal was not as disappointing as I feared it would be after a full season of build-up. I think we can all do a jig over the fact that Captain Renard is some sort of horrible zombie monster and not just an Eisbiber or, god help us, a Murcielago.

Renard enlightenment aside, the episode was also fun. Monroe and Rosalee’s nervous interactions with Mama Nick were a blast and Monroe was pretty adorable in his insistence that he would have killed HexenMom for insulting Rosalee (yes, I know I just described a death threat as adorable. This is Grimm).

“The Kiss” also shed an unflattering light on the Grimm lifestyle. Mama Nick has spent her life on the run, breaking into cars and doing a pretty terrible job at staying one step ahead of the law. Unlike Aunt Marie, Mama Nick told Nick to stay with his loved ones because if he doesn’t he’ll end up like her. But now that Mama Nick has broken and entered her way into the night, lingering questions remain about how much longer Nick is going to be able to stay a Grimm and a cop, or keep his loved ones safe.


... Did the eye-drop potion not work, or do you think it stopped Juliette’s memory loss just after Adalind’s spell erased Nick?

... Now that we know Renard is a Wesen, what sort of Wesen is he? Is there a reason only half his face changed when he freaked out in the mirror, and is that related to him being “barely human?”

... Will Renard’s brother send more hit men out to Portland?

... Did that shot of the “car accident” newspaper mean Renard is connecting the second Grimm in Portland to Nick’s family?

... Is this the last we’ve seen of Nick’s mother?

... What will happen with Juliette and Nick now that Juliette doesn’t remember him?

... After watching Rosalee call Monroe sweet throughout the episode, how close do we think we are to a declaration of love? Very close? I’m hoping we’re very close. MonRosalee forever!

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