Grimm "To Protect and Serve Man" Review: With Some Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti

Grimm S02E11: "To Protect and Serve Man"

“To Protect and Serve Man,” the last episode of Grimm before the show's fall finale, continued to lean on the series' cop drama side rather than mythology to deliver a solidly entertaining story about saving an innocent man’s life, and a solidly obsession-based story of Renard/Juliette smoochies.

A guy Hank put away for murdering one of two brothers seven years ago was on death row, and Hank had come to believe that the man's initial claim—that monsters were trying to eat him—was true, and that he was acting in self-defense against two murderous Wesen brothers. If you recognized the episode’s joke title at this point you just sat back and waited for cannibal shenanigans to occur. However, Nick and Hank did not have that meta-advantage, so they had to do some good ‘ol-fashioned investigating! Was the man right about monsters?

Yep! After they determined the inmate was attacked by sibling Wendigos, they tried to dig up the dead Wendigo brother’s yard in order to prove he was a bone-stashing, cannibalistic Wesen. Unfortunately, the house had been converted into a grocery store and the DA wanted the investigation suppressed because she'd just begun her bid for mayor. Renard, luckily, didn't care, and shrugged as he told them, “Do whatever you want, I’m busy thinking about your girlfriend.”

Well, he didn’t say that last part, but we all knew he was.

Team Cop looked into the surviving Wendigo brother and discovered he was eating human flesh again, and hiding the bones under his new house. With the creative (and borderline illegal?) application of an old jury-duty warrant, Hank and Nick found the rotting corpses of the brother’s last meal just in time to stop the execution of the man on death row. Hank decided to get all macho at the last minute, and he chased the Wendigo through a field instead of calling the DA to stop the execution, which nearly got Nick killed. But Hank gleefully showed up at the last second to shoot the Wendigo and save his partner and all was well again in Portland, land of a million murders!

In the Adalind-spell B-plot, being obsessed with Juliette apparently made Renard very bad at his job, and he slept in and began making personal calls (I guess more personal calls is more accurate) at work. Our Captain finally broke down and, with a cunning ploy of talking to her for half a minute—convinced Juliette to go to the spice shop with him to get the curse reversed. (You won’t listen to a creepily knowledgeable witch-lady but you’re convinced something’s wrong with you after a thirty-second phone call? ARGH, JULIETTE!). However Monroe immediately recognized her, and the episode ended on our favorite Blutbad’s shocked expression.

Well it’s about time someone remembered he's a cop (even if when he did it was to protect a human and not to right a wrong against a Wesen)! Hank’s conscience kicked into overdrive this episode, which played out like an enjoyable cop procedural, though it certainly had its monstrous fantasy moments. However, Hank may be going bonkers as a result of his still-new knowledge of “monsters,” as he was a little too happy to shoot the Wendigo and relished killing him just a tad more then he should have(i.e.: not at all). Hank may be able to sleep at night with a clear conscience, but I'd suggest that Nick spend a couple of sleepless nights worrying that his friend might want to take a leaf out of the killer Grimms’ book.

Because no Grimm review is complete until I spend one paragraph yelling at Juliette, let’s hit that quota now: Juliette, just break up with Nick already! Isn’t the house under your name anyhow? If you don’t like Nick, why are you resistant to moving on with a man you do like? Whatever, at the very least, I’m relieved that Renard and Juliette have finally taken steps to rectify Adalind’s curse and that Monroe knows the score (or at least the kissy part of the score). Now who wants to bet the cold open for next week’s episode will include Juliette running away?

With the fall finale next week, this episode was the last break in the overarching plot’s action before Season 2 comes to a central clashing point. Next week we’ll hopefully see a resolution to the Renard and Juliette story, as well as more mythology and Royal hijinks with Adalind back in town.


– If Nick and Hank can solve a seven-year-old crime in a day, why couldn’t the Portland PD arrest the right person before?

– I guess all crimes are committed by Wesen, judging by how many are in lockup. Does anyone else hope that we'll eventually get an episode where a human is persecuting a Wesen rather than vice versa?

– Why was Hank so suddenly gung-ho about catching the wendigo?

– We know Adalind is returning next week; what’s her plan?

– What will Monroe do now that he’s seen Juliette with Renard? What will Juliette do?

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