Grimm's Season 2 Premiere: Heeeeeere's Mommy!

Grimm S02E01: "Bad Teeth"

Grimm's Season 2 premiere, “Bad Teeth,” began on a boat as a security guard opened a cargo container leaking blood... and released a murderous Saber-Toothed Wesen (or a Marnassier, in Grimm-speak). We then cut to the very last minute of the Season 1 finale and saw the Kimura/Nick fight from Mama Nick’s perspective, right before she took the Wesen assassin down.

We also learned that Mama Nick is apparently Batman—she disappeared the instant Captain Renard and the Portland PD barged in. Renard was very interested in Kimura after seeing his Dragon’s Tongue tattoos; he was also surprised to find out Juliette was in the hospital. Batman-ing back into the living room after the police left, Mama Nick explained that she'd spent the past eighteen years chasing down the Wesen who killed Papa Nick. Mama was a Grimm and was trying to send Papa and her friend Gina away to protect them from the Dragon’s Tongue the night of the “car accident.” Alas, the Wesen killers mistook Gina for the Grimm and beheaded her.

Nick unsurprisingly had questions for his mother, but he was interrupted by Mama Nick trying to murder Monroe and Rosalee in the foyer. Monroe demonstrated once again why we love him as he pointed out how messed up the Burkhart clan was, then sympathized by telling Nick about Monroe’s murderous family reunions—“No one missed the cousins!” may be Grimm’s best line ever. MonRosalee (that's what Silas Weir Mitchell calls them!) told Nick that Juliette was under a memory spell, and unless they could make the counter-curse pronto, Juliette was at risk of winding up a dementia patient. This may literally be the most exciting thing that’s happened to Juliette on the show.

Speaking of Juliette, Portland’s favorite possibly-a-Royal-Wesen Captain Renard paid her a hospital visit just before paying Adalind’s mother a much angrier version of that visit. Adalind was AWOL and Renard wanted HexenMom to reverse the memory spell since Juliette is the only thing tying Nick to Portland, effectively keeping him under Renard’s thumb. HexenMom agreed as Juliette began losing her memories of Nick, most recent recollections first.

But Juliette's not the only one suffering memory troubles: Hank’s still cradling that shotgun, thinking about all the times he’s seen Wesen and popping pills! That certainly does not bode well for his future.

Mama Nick tried to get into Nick’s good graces by cooking a terrible pancake breakfast, but Nick and Hank were called to the boat murder scene, all while being watched by Saber Face Wesen. We got some grade-A Grimm bonding as Nick and his mother went to Aunt Marie’s trailer and Mama Nick reminisced about buying it with her when she was a wee Grimm. There's apparently a Grimm gene that makes women realize their Grimm-ness before men (Mama Nick found out when she was ten). She came to Portland after learning a Grimm had the three Coins and convinced Nick she wanted to destroy them, Mount Doom style. Literally—she has to take them back to the island where they were made in order to destroy them.

So Nick said he was trying his best to forgive her for abandoning him as a child and letting him think she was dead for eighteen years. They hugged it out just before Mama Nick dropped the bombshell: the boat, a.k.a. killer/Saber Face, is working for the Royal families who are in the middle of trying to reestablish their control over Europe, and, once they do, the world! We also caught a fun scene where an unnamed Royal took Saber Face’s phone call while torturing a Wesen Resistance fighter. Move over Edgar, Mr. Royal “I’m on the phone” Wesen just stole my heart.

HexenMom strolled into Rosalee’s apothecary with a list of the ingredients for the Juliette counter-spell and Rosalee passed Nick her number, allowing him to track her down and threaten her. Mama Nick shelved the journey-into-Mordor Coin-destroying scheme to help Nick with Saber Face and explained that his Grimm Key was one of seven originally held by seven ancient Grimms who worked for the Seven Royal families back during the fourth crusade (numbers!). While fighting in the Holy Land the Grimms found an object so powerful that if the Royals got their hands on it, it would allow them to rule the world. The Grimms locked the object away, but the Royals want it—and thanks to Captain Renard, they now know Nick has a Key.

Kimura was poisoned in police custody before Nick could question him (but only after Kimura told Captain Renard there were two Grimms in Portland). Saber Face kidnapped the FBI agents investigating the boat murder and used them to lure Nick to an old lumber mill. Rosalee and Monroe called Nick as soon as he got to the mill because they had the counter-curse ready and they needed Nick to be at the hospital in 45 minutes or they'd lose their window of opportunity. The clock was ticking and as Nick promised to get there, Saber Face attacked!

While early Season 1 was hit or miss, Season 2 seems to have already learned from its predecessor's missteps. “Bad Teeth” knocked it out of the park both mythologically and story-wise, and Grimm scored a lot of points for refusing to milk its mysteries and answering questions in a way that actually enriched the world. I mean, who here wants to learn more about the Crusade Grimms? How about Dragon’s Tongue? Oooh, or what about the treasure of the Grimm Key?!?

Touching on every storyline in a meaningful way, Grimm also went the extra mile to set up conflict with Mama Nick, from her shady past to her disapproval of Nick’s Wesen friends. Even Juliette is going to get a second chance to win us over with her magical amnesia arc! With Saber Face attacking and Juliette in the balance, Grimm has gotten off on the right foot—now here’s hoping for some more MonRosalee/Mama Nick face-offs in Episode 2!


– Who holds the other Grimm Keys?

– What is the object that can allow the Royals to rule the world? Do you think it’s something similar to the Coins (which, remember, allowed Hitler to steamroll over Europe)?

– Who was Renard talking to on the phone?

– Will Season 2 show us what kind of Wesen Captain Renard is?

– Where’s Adalind?

– What was written on the wall of the cargo container? (The part that was not illegible, according to my hasty Google translation, read, “Tonight I was blessed by the presence of one [something] but not for long.”)

– How does the Dragon’s Tongue tie into the Royals’ power struggle? Are they at cross-purposes?

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