Gruen: Team Gillard or Team Abbott?

Following the overhaul of the Australian Government and a new Prime Minister -- the election will now be imminent.

To take full advantage of all the media time that will be spent focusing on this event is the team at The Gruen Transfer on ABC.

The team will bring to the screens a specialised edition named Gruen Nation, to cover all of the electioneering and political posturing certain to be hitting the airwaves and our television screens in the coming months.

Producer Jon Casimir said: "An election campaign is about show business. But while everyone else will be busy discussing the business, at Gruen Nation we're only interested in the show."

The Gruen Transfer's new series has been performing well in the ratings, consistently in the top five of the main metropolitan areas -- its irreverent stance and discussion of the callous manipulation of the viewer by the ad agencies have certainly been a crowd pleaser.

And with election fever increasingly infectious these days, the Gruen Nation is pretty much a dead cert to be a hit -- indeed as Wil Anderson puts it "If the ABC is the national broadcaster, then Gruen Nation is the national bullshit detector" -- which will always go down a charm with the Australian viewer!

We wonder what their predictions on the outcome will be though? Gillard or Abbott? We'll have to wait and see.

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