Guess Who is Returning to Smallville!

... I suppose this is a slight spoiler for Smallville, but it's already all over the Internet so it's not like it's THAT secret. So avert your eyes if you want to go on radio silence for the show's final season. [Begin spoiler] Look! Down in the sea! Is it a dolphin? Is it a man-shaped buoy? No it's Aquaman! Arthur "AC" Curry, the man who can talk to fish, is returning for November sweeps during the series' ninth episode. Ha, Aquaman. What a tool. [EW]

... In the least surprising announcement since the last least surprising announcement, CNN talk show host Larry King will be replaced by Piers Morgan, just as every single rumor on the subject said. This would have been a big deal 15 years ago. [CNN]

... Judd Apatow has produced two of television's best shows about youth in Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared, and as his reward both were canceled well before their time. So he gave the finger to the television industry and became one of film's hottest commodities with movies like The 40 Year Old Virgin. Now he's coming back to TV, putting his name on an untitled HBO comedy from a hot young female scribe following girls in their early 20s. Apatow surrounding himself with hot young women? That's a wise career move! [Deadline]

... TNT and TBS have OK'd four pilots, including TNT's update on the megahit Dallas that follows the offspring of JR and Bobby Ewing [eye roll]. The others: TNT's Perception, a procedural following a neuroscientist. TNT's untitled drama based on the book The Rabbit Factory about a cop. TBS' Brain Trust, following a detective who gets a new shot at resurrecting his career thanks to three geniuses from a think tank. If any of these shows sound good to you, that makes one of us. [Deadline]

... The 'S' in CSI now stands for sexxxxxxxxxy. Battlestar Galactica vixen Katee Sackhoff (she's really nice in real life, by the way) is joining the cast as a potential recurring character. She'll play Detective Reed during November sweeps with a chance to return for more. As much as I like Sackhoff and as much as I'm not much of a CSI fan, this does sound like a good fit for her. [EW]

... MasterChef has been renewed by Fox. It's about cooking, or something. [Broadcasting & Cable]

... Saturday Night Live's Jenny Slate, you're fired. [EW]

... Psych, that lovable show that is still good even when it's bad, is paying tribute to Twin Peaks this fall. The show will head to the fictional town of Dual Spires (ahem) and investigate the murder of a high school student. Guest starring will be Twin Peaks players Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn (hot mama!), as well as Dana Ashbrook and Ray Wise. How awesome is THAT!? [EW]

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