Gunsmoke's James Arness Dies at 88

... A solemn "happy trails" to actor James Arness, who passed away today at the age of 88. Arness is best known as Marshal Matt Dillon on the classic Western Gunsmoke, which was the longest-running scripted show in primetime before The Simpsons came along. The 6'7" Arness also served in World War II. Pour a little out for James Arness tonight, people. [LA Times]

... Starz cult hit Party Down may be canceled, but its cult status has earned its cast a reunion on another cult comedy hit. Rob Corddry's Childrens Hospital, which returned for Season 3 last night on Adult Swim, will reunite the cast of Party Down in a future episode. Party Down stars Ken Marino and Megan Mullally are already regulars on CH; joining them will be Lizzy Caplan (she's mine!), Martin Starr, and Ryan Hansen. [Splitsider]

... Smallville's Erica Durance (who played Lois Lane) has already found a new starring role, but we may never see her play it in the good ol' U.S. of A. Durance has nabbed the lead in the medical drama Saving Hope, a production of Canada's CTV. Saving Hope will follow a female surgeon (Durance) and be narrated by the comatose Chief of Surgery. But... but... comatose people can't talk! TV is SO fake. [TV Line]

... Listen up, Cash Cab fans! Hello? No one? Well, host Ben Bailey will emcee the upcoming NBC trivia show Who's Still Standing?. This will be the first time anyone sees his legs. [TV Guide]

... HBO is prepping its next miniseries. Parade's End is a five-parter set during World War I and was written by Tom Stoppard, author of the excellent play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, of the BBC's Sherlock, stars. Before you assume it's going to be all bloody and bullet-ridden, know this: It's about a love triangle. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Once upon a time, NBC's Love Bites was talked about as if it could be the next bit NBC hit. It finally premiered last night after being announced a long time ago, and pulled in 2.5 million viewers and a dismal 1.0 adult demo rating. Ouch. [TV Line]

... The reboot of Fear Factor may bring back host Joe Rogan, if he isn't too busy watching grown men in tight panties pummel each other for sport. [EW]

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