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Guys Guys the Next Batch of Show Communities Is Here: Arrested Development, Community, Person of Interest, Orphan Black, and More

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Yes hello it's me again. Remember those new show communities we launched last week? They've been live for a whole seven days now and we're simply thrilled with the response they've been getting so far. You guys like them! You really like them! (Definitely keep the feedback and coming, btw, be it good or bad.) It's been so exciting to follow the polls, quotes, and other goodies you've been posting, which makes me extra pleased to announce that we've just launched the next batch of pages—22 of them, to be exact. You can see the full list at, and here are direct links to all the new ones, for your posting pleasure:

The Americans

Arrested Development



The Big Bang Theory







How I Met Your Mother


New Girl

Once Upon a Time

Orphan Black

Person of Interest


Sons of Anarchy


The Twilight Zone (a personal staff favorite)

The Vampire Diaries

The Walking Dead

Okay, have at it! And please don't be shy about suggesting new names if you don't like the ones we've chosen, either in the communities themselves or in the comments on this post; we're open to suggestions!

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