Hallejujah for Judith Lucy!

Update: Judith Lucy's Spiritual Journey premieres 9.30pm July 27 on ABC1.

The iconic Australian comedian, Judith Lucy, will explore the path that has taken her from a devoutly religious child to atheism and as an adult on the ultimate search for something to believe in.

Judith Lucy's Spiritual Journey brings the author, media personality and stand-up comedian back to our screens with a personal mission to share her experiences of religion.

"Judith Lucy is one of Australia's iconic comedians. Her unique style resonates with people of all ages. We are absolutely thrilled to be sharing her spiritual quest with our audience," said ABC TV head of arts and entertainment Amanda Duthie.

Best known for her stand-up routines, Judith Lucy has written for and appeared in several Australian productions including The Late Show, The Mick Molloy Show, Kath & Kim, Lowdown and Rove, where she became a regular in August 2009 when she replaced Dave Hughes.

"I've reached a point in my career where people still recognise me, they just no longer know why or how. Recently, someone asked me if I worked in an egg factory. So yes, I'm very excited about doing a show on the ABC," said Judith.

Written by and starring the entertainer, the six-part series is almost guaranteed not to tiptoe over the sensitive topics of religious and spirituality.

Currently being produced in Melbourne by Todd Abbott for Pretty Good Productions, Judith Lucy's Spiritual Journey will air on ABC1 in 2011.

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