Hanging Out on the Set of Better Off Ted

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ABC's Better Off Ted returns for its second season tonight, and in honor of the occasion, TV.com visited the set for some scoop on the single-camera comedy. Here's what we found out.

— Upon our arrival to the set, we were whisked away to an office in the back, where greeted by Jonathan Slavin, who plays Phil, and Malcom Barrett, who plays Lem. Slavin and Barrett seem to share as much chemistry on-set as they do on the show; while we were there the pals finished each other’s sentences and riffed like old partners. Both Slavin and Barrett joked about their close relationship on the show—“It’s like we’re already married in so many senses that they gave [Lem] some girlfriends and we sometimes mention my wife,” Slavin said.

—What can we expect from Phil and Lem this season? “You’re going to see a lot more laugh-out-loud antics this year,” Barrett said, and Slavin mentioned that Phil is going to be much more opinionated about Ted.

— After chatting with Slavin and Barrett we found ourselves face-to-face with the Portia de Rossi, who plays Better Off Ted's sexpot boss, Veronica Palmer. The woman is so pretty it's not fair.

— According to show creator Victor Fresco, the on-set atmosphere is “extremely professional” and being in the writer’s room is like attending a “professional cocktail party”.

— But what could Fresco tell us about Season 2? Ahem: While Veronica and Ted’s relationship potential might linger, the show will not be addressing it in the same way. This could be a sign that Veronica will take a backseat to Linda Zwordling (Andrea Anders), but when we spoke with Jay Harrington (Ted himself!), he only revealed that currently, Linda and Ted are “exploring.” Perhaps another dragged-out Ross-and-Rachel scenario is on the horizon? Thankfully, Fresco was more direct: “Diehard Ted and Linda fans will be happy by the end of the relationship.”

Better Off Ted premieres tonight at 9:30 pm on ABC. See more set photos below!

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