Happy Thanksgiving 2011! Please Enjoy These Appropriately Themed TV Clips!

Happy Thanksgiving! (And to all of our international readers, happy Thursday!) We're honored you've tuned in to TV.com during your feasting halftime break... so to celebrate, let's all watch some thematically relevant television clips.

Will and Grace

May this opening sequence from an old episode of Will and Grace remind you that you are not alone: Coordinating Thanksgiving activities is hellish for everyone. Now you just need to go find your own Jack to make it all better.


Okay, if I had to choose one TV cast to have Thanksgiving dinner with, it would probably be Norm, Frasier, Carla, and the rest of the gang. These folks know how to party. And look, in this episode, they're not even in the bar!


Remember when the pre-Brangelina Brad Pitt appeared on Friends, back when he was still with Jennifer Aniston? Oh, simpler times! Here he is dissing on Rachel for being mean to him in high school. (The video wasn't embeddable, but clicking the photo will take you right to the YouTube page.)

Saturday Night Live

Here's Debbie doing her downer routine at the Thanksgiving table. The only thing more impressive than Rachel Dratch's facial expression is the sound effects guy. He totally nails that wah-wah trumpet every time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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