Happy Valentine's Day! We Love You So Much That We Made You These TV-themed Cards

So February 14 is basically Black Friday for Hallmark, or as Hallmark likes to call it “Valentine’s Day,” which is when we either 1) celebrate naked babies shooting arrows at strangers (RUDE) or 2) drink our feelings and curse love, Hallmark, people who hold hands in public, Russell Stover, and our no-show prom date from high school. Regardless, the most important thing about Valentine’s Day is that it gives us an excuse to slap stuff together in Photoshop to entertain the masses.

Which is exactly what we did.

Have fun. Share these little ditties with your friends. Share them with your frenemies. Share them with that creepy lady in the next cubicle over who talks to herself all day, except for when she walks past you at lunch and tells you about the latest dead cat she found in her attic. You suspect she might be a hoarder given the regularity of these dead cat discoveries, but hoarders need love too, you know?

Happy V-day, kids. Mind the beer goggles. Wrap it up. Make sure you read all the labels on that cherry-flavored... nevermind.

Clicking each image to open a larger version that you can right-click-to-save and print.

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