Hardliners on the open seas

Foxtel's new locally produced factual series Hardliners looks set to take on the likes of Trawlermen and Deadliest Catch.

From the producers of Bondi Rescue, this eight-part series will go out to sea with Australian long-line fishermen who risk their lives for every catch.

Hardliners will follow three ships and their skippers along the east coast of Australia as they battle rough seas, killer sharks to supply Australian restaurants, and fish and chip shops with the seafood the nation is renowned for.

The program will premiere with Captain Tony Lagana and the Santo Rocco; Captain Tony Scott and the Angelica; and Captain Paul Lavelle and the South Seas 1. Besides the dangers of nature, they must also navigate around massive cargo ships that get in the path of their lines and often compete against each other for big tuna and swordfish.

However, their efforts can be very rewarding with a five-day trip netting up to $100,000 if successful. On not-so-lucky outings, the crew can go home without a cent -- a tough punishment when they can spend months away from their families at a time.

Hardliners premieres 8:30pm Thursday, November 18 on FOX8.

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Sep 11, 2012
who narrates this show?