Harper's Island is over, but is it sunk for good?

Harper's Island is over, but is it OVER over? That was the general consensus early on, when CBS swept the poor ratings performer from its prime Thursday-night slot to the less-desirable Saturday-night lineup.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the finale: Viewers came back. Now, we're not saying the show put up gaudy numbers, but in this day of ADD, video games, and online viewing, a bump in ratings is always a shock. The finale drew 3.84 million viewers, the most the show had seen in months (the number was still below the series average -- Harper's got off to a quick start, inflating the average viewers stat).

Harper's Island won over its few viewers and critics with a popcorn-movie premise -- a group of good-looking kids get killed off one-by-one in gruesome ways, with the murderer finally being revealed in the season finale. Sounds good to me. Unfortunately, it still looks like Harper's is done. According to EW.com, which cites insiders close to the show, there is "no chance" for a second season of Harper's Island.

But Harper's has a unique formula which could see it live on. Each season of the series is self-contained -- it wasn't meant to use the same cast and setting in potential subsequent seasons. In fact, producers said if the show did get a second run, it would involve an entirely new set of characters in a whole new murder mystery. Consequently, relaunching the series would be a piece of cake at any point in time.

CBS probably wasn't the best fit for the young-skewing program. Perhaps Harper's Island could live on somewhere else -- maybe as a refugee on a smaller network or as an online series.

If you missed Harper's Island the first time around or just want to rewatch your favorite moments, TV.com has full episodes from season one!

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