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Hasselhoff set to star in Producers

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David Hasselhoff has got talent.

The America's Got Talent judge and former Baywatch and Knight Rider star is about to step into a major role in the Las Vegas production of the Mel Brooks movie-turned-musical The Producers. Hasselhoff will play Richard DeBris, cross-dressing stage director of the musical-within-a-musical Springtime for Hitler.

"He is perfect for Roger DeBris because he has the best legs in Hollywood," Brooks deadpanned to reporters.

Hasselhoff said he joined the musical because he wanted a distraction from his troubles of the past year.

"I need to have fun," the actor told Reuters. "God came to me and said you have had enough stuff in your life over the last year, here's fun."

This year, the actor's divorce from his wife of 16 years, Pamela Bach, served as tabloid fodder. He was rumored to be drinking heavily when he missed a plane flight out of London just days after cutting his hand in the bathroom of a hotel.

Hasselhoff starred in the Adam Sandler summer comedy Click, and in July he told reporters he wanted to star in a musical autobiography.

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