HBO Announces True Blood's Season 5 Premiere Date

We've known the fifth season of True Blood is coming, but until today we didn't know exactly when... unless of course you used basic logic and counted the weeks reserved for Game of Thrones' 10-episode second season to figure out the date of the next available Sunday.

HBO has finally confirmed that the premiere date for True Blood Season 5 will be June 10, exactly one week after Game of Thrones' Season 2 finale. The vampire drama's fifth season will run for 12 episodes, the same as with past seasons.

Also re-confirmed today was the official start date for new Aaron Sorkin series The Newsroom: June 24 (it was originally announced in a trailer released on Sunday). Ultimately, True Blood will air at 9pm followed by The Newsroom at 10pm.

I'm not sure how much the audiences for sexy vamp series True Blood and wordy The Newsroom will overlap, but HBO's biggest goal with this scheduling move is to get lots of people to watch the new show, and that means putting pairing the new show with its most successful show.

In case you missed them, here are the latest trailers for both True Blood and The Newsroom.

Aren't Sundays on HBO great?