HBO, BBC join forces on disappearing act

HBO and the BBC are coproducing a miniseries titled Five Days, a drama that revolves around the mysterious disappearance of a young mother in a family-friendly British suburb and the inexplicable circumstances that leave her children abandoned far from home.

The five-part miniseries features an ensemble cast including Nikki Amuka-Bird, Hugh Bonneville, Charlie Creed-Miles, Phil Davis, Patrick Malahide, Janet McTeer, David Oyelowo, Sarah Smart, Penelope Wilton, and Edward Woodward.

Filming has begun in Hertfordshire, England, on the project, which focuses on the day of the woman's vanishing and four random days that follow. The story traces the ripple effects felt by her family, the police, and the media during the course of the 72-day investigation.

Other HBO-BBC collaborations have included the series Rome, the 2001 miniseries Band of Brothers, and the upcoming miniseries Tsunami, the Aftermath.

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