HBO deals for NY Entourage, Fat Girl

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What if we took the guys from Entourage and threw them in New York City?

That was what went through the minds of HBO execs recently when the network gave the green light to How to Make It in America. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the comedy focuses on a trio of young 20-somethings who hustle their way to success.

The show is being produced by the same team that's behind Entourage, HBO's comedy about young 20-somethings working their way through Hollywood.

"These guys don't want to wait for things to happen, they make them happen," said producer Stephen Levinson of Closest to the Hole, which he runs with Mark Wahlberg. "That's the attitude of this generation, which [screenwriter Ian Edelman] represents very well."

HBO has also optioned the rights to the novel Conversations With the Fat Girl from author Liza Palmer. The story follows a "fat girl" dealing with the loss of her friend--a former fat girl herself--to the dating scene.

Elsewhere, ABC is moving forward with an American version of the French comedy Don't Do This, Don't Do That. The show is shot documentary-style and follows the very different lives of two families.

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