HBO Has Canceled Enlightened

HBO never found that sea turtle, I guess. 

After two brilliant seasons (that's not editorializing, that's simple fact), HBO has canceled Enlightened. The show was adored by critics but never able to muster more than a small—but passionate!—fan base. The news was first reported by BuzzFeed's Kate Arthur.  

Enlightened starred (ugh, past tense is painful) Laura Dern as Amy Jellicoe (Dern won a Golden Globe for the role), a woman whose at-work mental breakdown transformed her into an "agent of change" who wanted to make the world a better place through new-age self-help mumbo jumbo and positive thinking. With its dreamy voiceovers, marvelous character studies, incredible score, and gorgeous cinematography, Enlightened became more than just a genre-busting dramedy; it was a work of art that had the ability to move the viewer to new heights.  Seriously, I sobbed like a baby during every single episode.

I caught up on Season 1 shortly after it aired and was instantly hooked; Season 2 gained more critical attention as many other folks did the same. I'll admit Enlightened isn't for everyone, but if it's even remotely in your area code, it should make a huge impact. 

A special thanks to creator Mike White, who also played Tyler, for giving us this gem of a series. 

This one hurts. NOW will you watch Enlightened?

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