HBO Has Officially Picked Up Aaron Sorkin's News Network Drama

untitled drama
Sam Waterson, Olivia Munn, and Aaron Sorkin.


… HBO has ordered untitled drama, (formerly More As This Story Develops), a series from Aaron Sorkin about a cable news anchor (played by Jeff Daniels), his staff (Emily Mortimer, Alison Pill, John Gallagher, Jr., Olivia Munn, Dev Patel), and their boss (Sam Waterston). The show was written after Sorkin spent time with real cable news guys like Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews. [Deadline]

.. NBC is developing a comedy called My Best Friend is a Lesbo, about a girl and her... well, the title is pretty self-explanatory. [Deadline]

… Oxygen has finally greenlit a reality show set in the world of tattooing. What took so long?! It’s being hosted by American Idol contestant Kimberly Caldwell, because, obviously. [Deadline]

... Lifetime is developing Princess of Whales, a drama about a successful Las Vegas casino hostess, from 24 writer Stephen Kronish and Cold Case star/producer Kathryn Morris. What is a casino hostess, you ask? A woman who “brings in the super-high rollers and makes them spend as much as possible.” [Deadline]


… More Charlie Sheen roasters have been announced! William Shatner will be there, as will Jon Lovitz and comedians Patrice O’Neal and Amy Schumer. Okay. So far so good. As for the oddball picks: Slash and... Kate Walsh? Sheen pre-goddess exes Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards have yet to RSVP. Denise, she crazy. She be there. [E Online]

… Ashley Finke has reportedly been all but written out of Glee's third season. She’ll appear in a brief flashback in the premiere to explain why she left New Directions and broke up with Puck. (Hint: Because Ryan Murphy has grown weary of last year’s playthings.) [TVLine]

… Now that she's no longer the leader of the alien freedom fighters of The Event, Laura Innes’s schedule allows her to play a police captain on Awake, NBC’s new parallel-worlds drama from Lone Star creator Kyle Killen. [TVLine]

Chris Harrison is on fire! Not literally. (Though keep Vienna away from matches, just to be safe.) First comes a guarantee of emceeing Miss America for the next two years, and now he’s been hired to host You Deserve It, a game show on ABC that gives contestants the chance to win up to $500,000 for a friend or family member in need. [EW]

Who’s the Boss? star Judith Light will guest-star as Kristen Johnston’s mother on TV Land’s The Exes. “Way tuh go, Ayngela!” [TVLine]


… President George W. Bush has recorded a two-minute segment memorializing 9/11 that will air before Fox’s pre-NFL coverage on Sunday at noon Eastern. [THR]

… If you’ve not been following the potty-mouthed comments of ousted Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, you’re missing out. This lady’s got gumption! What she doesn’t have, however, is a job. [THR]

… Hey, whatever happened to dreamy Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement? He’s 30 now, and for whatever reason recently reunited with the rest of the HI gang. There’s pics here. [Too Fab]

… Would you like to see how the new cast of Two and a Half Men interact together? Oh. Well, here’s video of their TV Guide cover shoot anyway. Ashton Kutcher seems to be taking his work very seriously. [ET]

… On this day in 1966—45 years ago—Star Trek premiered. It was canceled three years later due to lack of interest. Ha! Live long and prosper, is more like it. [Wired]

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