HBO Is Making a Biopic About Sarah Palin and John McCain

... She's already played a porn star, but now Julianne Moore is about to play someone who really wants to f*** up our country (I'm kidding, conservative whackjobs!): Mama Bear Sarah Palin. Moore will play the former VP nominee in HBO's adaptation of the book Game Change, about Palin and John McCain's run at the presidency in 2008. Spoiler Alert: They lost. [EW]

... The sky is blue, kittens are cute, and CBS has renewed Survivor for two more years. [LA Times]

... Actor Terry O'Quinn is awesome—I think we can all agree on that. And now he's going to star in ABC's Hallelujah, the new show from Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry. The show is about a town that's saved by a stranger after being ripped apart by good and evil. O'Quinn, best known as John Locke from Lost, will play a millionaire who pretends to be a philanthropist but is actually a corrupt power monger. But does this mean O'Quinn and Michael Emerson's show is indefinitely on hold? [Deadline Hollywood]

... I'm not sure if the cast for 17th Precinct got cooler, but it definitely just got a whole lot hotter. Smallville vet Kristin Kreuk has joined the show's pilot in a guest role, playing the wife of a crime scene expert. The show, about cops in a world ruled by magic, already has a Battlestar Galactica reunion going on with Ronald D. Moore, James Callis, Jamie Bamber, and Tricia Helfer. [TV Line]

... Jeremy Sisto, who will always always be Elton from Clueless and not that guy who played Jesus or who was on Six Feet Under, is now apparently old enough to play the father of a teenager. He's been booked on ABC's comedy pilot Suburgatory, about a teen girl who moves from the big city to the suburbs. Sisto will play her dad. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development) has joined the NBC pilot Bent, a comedy starring Amanda Peet as a recently divorced mom who has the hots for some dude who re-does her kitchen. Ugh. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Hottie news! Natalie Dormer (The Tudors) will play the female lead in ABC's Poe. The period drama is a crime procedural that follows Edgar Allan Poe. [Deadline Hollywood]

... CSI is bringing back Sofia Curtis for May sweeps. Actress Louise Lombardi will reprise her role as a former CSI who is now a deputy chief. "Hooray! That makes me happy," said the guy pretending to like CSI. [TV Line]

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