HBO lays claim to Obama documentary

HBO has reportedly paid upward of $1 million for the rights to a behind-the-scenes documentary on the 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama, and plans to air the film this coming spring.

Even before Senator Barack Obama decided to run for president, Amy Rice of Edward Norton's Class 5 Films knew that his story was one for the record books. The director contacted Obama over two years ago, and started filming in August of 2006 when the he made his famous 15-day trip to Africa. When Obama began his campaign, Rice and her crew realized they had the chance to document a slice of American history.

Rice and codirector Alicia Sams were graced with "unprecedented access to Obama, his senior campaign staff, family, friends, and volunteers," states HBO. Filming will continue through Obama's inauguration on January 20, and the doc will air sometime in early 2009. According to the network, the finished film will examine "American politics and culture through the prism of [Obama's] candidacy."

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