HBO locks up Bad Girls

Do you like women? Do you like prisons? If you answered "yes" to both, then you may just like the most recently announced project from HBO.

The pay cable network is adapting the British drama Bad Girls, a show about a women's prison, for American television, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The British version lasted eight seasons across the pond and won several UK television awards.

Helping the show make the jump from the UK to the US will be Alan Ball, the award-winning creator of Six Feet Under. Bell and HBO appear to be on great terms as of late; in addition to Bad Girls, Ball is developing the vampire drama True Blood for the network.

Details on the US version of Bad Girls have not been released, but viewers can expect something more along the lines of Oz rather than an exploitation flick like Caged Heat.

Women's prisons appear to be on studio execs' minds. Fox is working on a female-centric spin-off of its hit Prison Break, tentatively titled Prison Break: Cherry Hill (seriously).

No time frame has been targeted for HBO's Bad Girls.

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