HBO picks up series from Wire creator

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Listen up all you Wire nerds (myself included), that noise you hear coming across the television newswire today is the sweet sound of quality programming returning to the small screen. HBO has officially picked up the latest series from David Simon, creator of the best television show ever, The Wire.

The network is eyeing a fall debut for Simon's new show, Treme (pronounced tre-MAY), with an episode count to be determined, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Simon is co-creating the drama with Eric Overmyer, who he worked with on another critically acclaimed series, Homicide: Life on the Street.

Treme looks at the lives of musicians in post-Katrina New Orleans and stars two Wire alums in Wendell Pierce and Clarke Peters, who played "Bunk" Moreland and Lester Freaman, respectively, in the lauded Baltimore cops-and-robbers show. Also signed on for Treme and contributing to the kick-ass cast are Steve Zahn, Khandi Alexander, and Oscar-nominee Melissa Leo.

"This is not a Wire redo with a New Orleans soundtrack," Simon told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's more of a character study looking at people trying to reconstruct their lives after their city has been destroyed and at a city that a living, breathing organism."

Whatever you say, Mr. Simon, we have faith. So, Wire freaks, are you as excited for this show as we are?

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