HBO renews Big Love

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The more the merrier seems to be the theme of HBO's Big Love, and HBO wants more, more, more. The network today renewed the show for a fourth season as ratings for the drama have been on the rise. The next season will start production later this year with a targeted return of early 2010.

According to Variety, recent numbers for Big Love put last Sunday's episode up nearly 30 percent over the mid-January season-three premiere--a reversal of the normal trend of television. When DVR and on-demand figures are accounted for, Big Love is on par with HBO's buzz-worthy True Blood with an average of approximately 5 million viewers.

The show follows Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton), a polygamist in Utah with three wives played by Chloe Sevigny, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and Ginnifer Goodwin. Actress Branka Katic is being courted as a possible fourth wife this season.

Big Love airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on HBO. This week's episode will be the fourth of the 10-episode third season.

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