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HBO Renews Both Veep and Girls for Season 2

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I don't know why I Photoshopped their faces onto each other, I just did.

Congratulations are in order for new HBO series Girls and Veep, two comedies that share the same hour yet couldn't be more different in the spectrum of "intelligent" television we're supposed to like. Both shows have been renewed for 10-episode second seasons, so you all can exhale now.

Neither renewal is particularly surprising given the amount of critical praise, internet chatter, unadulterated hatred (and in Girls's case, all three) surrounding the programs. HBO says Girls has attracted 3.8 million viewers and spawned countless blog posts about society's failures after just three episodes. Veep is faring better in total viewers, drawing 3.7 million people after two episodes.

It should be noted that last night one of the shows featured a female character diarrhea-ing on herself after eating soupy frozen yogurt and the other featured a female character masturbating in a bathroom after being sexily berated by a girly man boasting about his virility. I'll let you figure out which was which.

Congratulations, Veep and Girls! But, serious question: Is it possible for the same viewers to like both shows?

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