HBO targets Hispanics with mobisodes

HBO is developing a series of mobile mini-telenovelas designed to entertain Hispanic viewers and provide an English "phone book" to those on the go.

Titled La Traductora [The Translator], the series recounts the daily experiences of Carmen, an immigrant, and her daughter Maribel, who is constantly translating English for her mother. The mobisodes are geared to not only engage but also deliver key phrases in English deemed essential for effective communication in the US.

The project is being produced by Galan Entertainment, whose president, Nely Galan, created and executive produced Fox's reality show The Swan.

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Sep 25, 2006
Now if they could make a show to help Americans with their spelling before sending them onto the message boards online I'd be really impressed.

Something like a sex & violence police drama version of Sesame street since we know how much the U.S. loves their cop dramas.
Sep 21, 2006
Sounds like they are trying to help immigrants learn english, or atleast understand it better. Thats cool.

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