HBO writes Dear John letter

It's been a not-too-long, strange trip for viewers of HBO's John fom Cincinnati, but that trip is officially over. The irreverent drama from Deadwood creator David Milch has been canceled by HBO, according to The Hollywood Reporter, after just one 10-episode season.

The show eschewed typical television formulas, a risky move even for cutting-edge HBO. While some latched onto its quirkiness, others had trouble pegging the show's subject. Even after 10 episodes, many viewers still aren't sure exactly what the show's about.

We do know that it follows a family of surfers--Milch is a huge fan of the sport--in Southern California, and the effect that one strange newcomer ("John") has on the community. However, there are also some unusual circumstances; John (Austin Nichols) may be able to perform astral projections, lead Mitch (Bruce Greenwood) discovers he can levitate, several of the characters have visions, and things just seem a bit odd.

Viewers watching the show's season finale (which also happened to be the series finale) on Sunday were left with several questions, and hopes of getting those questions answered in season two have apparently been dashed by HBO. Bummer, dude.

Head over to's coverage of John from Cincinnati to get more information and discuss your theories in the forums.

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  • 10:00 pm