Head gets the axe

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Fox announced Thursday that it will cancel the Chris O'Donnell/Adam Goldberg series, Head Cases, just two episodes into the new season. The show, ostensibly a comedy, exhibited poor ratings from the outset, and Fox had a contingency plan in place should any of its new shows flop: it kept episodes of reality shows like The Simple Life on standby to fill in. Now, the network will air repeats of Nanny 911 until baseball season ends, at which time new episodes of Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy will air.

Head Cases premiered to a paltry 2.4 Nielsen rating among viewers 18-49, placing fourth in its time slot. The second episode saw that rating cut in half as it went up against the boffo season premiere of time-slot competitor Lost.

Head Cases told the story of two lawyers, played by O'Donnell and Goldberg, who meet in a psychiatric clinic after suffering nervous breakdowns. When they leave the clinic, the lawyers decide to join up and open a practice that would focus on helping underdog clients with similar life problems. Once thrown together, they soon realized there was one problem: they possessed completely different styles of practicing law. While O'Donnell was smooth and charming, Goldberg was grouchy and edgy. The ensuing hijinks of the "law-plus-mental illness" plotline caused one TV critic to dub the show "Ally McCrazy." Unfortunately, audiences didn't go "McCrazy" for it.

Head Cases is one of many new shows this season starring big-screen movie stars. O'Donnell has been seen on the big screen in the films Scent of A Woman and Batman & Robin, while Adam Goldberg is remembered as Pvt. Stanley Mellish in the WWII epic Saving Private Ryan.

Other shows touting star power include the Geena Davis series Commander in Chief, about the first female US president, E-Ring, an action drama set at the Pentagon starring Dennis Hopper and Benjamin Bratt, and Ghost Whisperer, a supernatural drama wherein Jennifer Love Hewitt whispers to ghosts.

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