Watch the Wacky Trailer for Hemlock Grove Season 2 (VIDEO)

If you like to watch television shows that make sense, you should avoid Netflix's horror-tastophe Hemlock Grove at all costs. But if you enjoy television series that love to be LOL SO RANDOM and squirt blood and flesh chunks all over the place, then I would definitely suggest the bizarre werewolf drama. Hemlock Grove's first season was a hot mess of fun scares, gratuitous gore, and inexplicable dialogue, and if the trailer for Season 2 is any indication, the second season will be even more guano. 

Beware! This trailer is NSFS (not safe for sanity):

Yes, that was a guy eating leeches off an old dude as if he was downing hors d'oeuvres at a fancy cocktail party. Oh Hemlock Grove, I can't wait to stuff myself full of your nonsense when you return on Friday, July 11. 

Need more Hemlock Grove madness? Relive the weirdest, bestest, grossest moments from Season 1 and revel in the fact that from the looks of this trailer, I'll be able to compile a similar list for Season 2.

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