Henry ditches Betty for Harper's

In last season's finale of Ugly Betty, the show's titular character was on the verge of choosing between two suitors, Gio Rossi (Freddy Rodriguez) and Henry Grubstick (Christopher Gorham).

Unless ABC has some sort of trick up its sleeve, it appears as though Betty may be pulling a Brad Womack from The Bachelor and ultimately turn them both down.

Gorham has signed on to star in the upcoming CBS show Harper's Island, says The Hollywood Reporter, and won't return to Betty. Rodriguez may be available for one episode, but has several films on his schedule and won't be able to come back as a recurring character. These moves look to be the reason why the show just cast Val Emmich (Cashmere Mafia, 30 Rock), who is expected to be the new apple of Betty's eye in the upcoming season.

Gorham will be moving networks and genres, but he's sticking with the name Henry. On Harper's Island, the actor will play Henry Dunn, a young man set to be married on a secluded island in the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately for the wedding party, one uninvited guest--a twisted serial killer--begins reducing the number of attendees one by one.

In a preview of Harper's Island sent to TV.com, the role of Henry Dunn was played by Comanche Moon's Ryan Merriman. Merriman's departure was confirmed on his Web site.

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