Here Are Some Game of Thrones Goodies to Jog Your Memory Before the Start of Season 3 (Plus: See Two Clips from the Premiere!)

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Cue up the Jock Jams: ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? And by "this," I mean Game of Thrones Season 3, of course, as it finally finally finally begins this Sunday. We've ogled the photos. We've drooled over the trailers. We've hounded the cast and crew for intel. And now it's here! Like, so close that the video above is an actual honest-to-God clip from the premiere, "Valar Dohaeris"! And here's another one... with DRAGONS!

Unfortunately, if we're being honest, I am not ready. I mean, I'm ready, but it's been like nine months since we last visited the seven kingdoms and the details of what happened last season are feeling a little bit hazy, you know? 

If you, too, are feeling the need for a GoT refresher, obviously the smart thing to do would be to just spend this weekend re-watching the first two seasons to ensure that you're properly prepared—what's a measly twenty hours, right? But just in case you have a life and need a quicker fix, I've collected a few links (and other random goodies) you might find helpful, including all of our past episode reviews. 

To wit:

HBO has assembled an excellent "viewer's guide." 

The link above goes directly to a helpful yet blissfully brief Season 2 "catch-up" page, but if you start clicking around, you'll also find detailed (and interactive!) maps and house breakdowns, too.

Meanwhile, our dedicated Game of Thrones show page has trivia, cast and crew info, fan reviews, and viewing links for each episode. 

And we're always looking for more, so feel free to contribute

Of course, if you're completely up-to-date and just looking to kill time until Sunday, there's plenty of fun to be had. 

For example, you can design your own sigil at (Here's ours!) Or you can just watch promos and mash-up videos on YouTube. We've collected several in the clickable image below:

And finally, if you *are* settling in for a marathon and looking for some commentary, here are all of our episodic reviews from Seasons 1 and 2:

Now go forth! Prepare! Quiz each other in the comments! And then meet us back here on Sunday to talk about the Season 3 premiere—we'll post our review of the episode as soon as it ends on the East Coast. 

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