Heroes Actor Switching to Comedy

...That upcoming NBC show Rex Is Not Your Lawyer keeps casting people. They've just added old comedy warship Jane Curtin and, oddly, Sendhil "My Fathah's Reseaaaarch" Ramamurthy from Heroes. Curtin will do a romantic pasodoble with Jeffery Tambor's character, while Ramamurthy plays a fellow lawyer. His role on the show apparently won't affect Heroes too much, especially given that ol' Mohinder hasn't been on much this season. Which makes me worried. I mean, who will read his fathah's reseaaaarch??? [THR]

...Oh, terrific. Former heroin-addicted reality star turned wraith-like skinnymommy Nicole Richie has landed the lead on a new ABC comedy pilot. Yup. She apparently came up with the idea for the show all by herself, which is impressive, because it's really complicated: Career gal has a wacky family. Nuts, right? Who knew she was the next Winnie Holzman! If this thing gets picked up, I'm moving to Paraguay. [Variety]

...Newly-discovered comedic genius Alec Baldwin says he wants to quit acting after 30 Rock ends and that he considers his film career a "complete failure." Oh, Alec. C'mon. You've done tons of awesome supporting parts. And if you wanna talk leads, well... There's... Um. The Shadow? Sigh. Speculation is that Baldwin would go into politics, though I kind of doubt that would happen. [THR]

...Syfy has picked up 13 episodes of a supernatural thriller-chiller based on Stephen King's book The Colorado Kid. The series, Haven, focuses on a small town where everyone's come to escape various curses, only one day all those curses come back and hell breaks loose. So it's sort of like a high school reunion in reverse, in that the horrible dark ancient awfulness comes to you, rather than you going to the old accursed terribleness contained in a hotel conference room over the Thanksgiving holiday. [Variety]

...Two actors have been cast in big roles on True Blood. Actress Shannon Lucio has been enlisted to play Bill's old Civil War-era wife, even though someone else played her in an earlier episode. She'll get something of a significant arc this time around. And Miss Farrell's brother from that one episode of Mad Men, Marshall Allman, has been tapped to play shape-shiftin' Sam Merlotte's younger brother. Family! [EW]

...TNT has canceled their slickly-silly lawyer show Raising the Bar after two seasons. While the show fared well during its first season, the second go-around saw a significant decline in viewers. So, Mark-Paul Gosselaar? Onto the next, I suppose. I'm sure USA's got something for ya. [THR]

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