Heroes creator goes back to drawing board

Let's face it: Heroes needs some fixin'. Ratings are plummeting, critics are tearing it a new one, and Mohinder may have the wackiest story in the history of history. So how does one duct-tape up this mess? Add a hunk from a former WB show, of course.

Actor Justin Baldoni will be joining the already large cast of Heroes in a "minimum of two episodes," as reported by EW.com. Baldoni will be familiar to fans of the dearly departed WB show Everwood, on which he played Reid Bardem. On Heroes, he'll play a "surfer dude" who works at a comic-book store. Wait--wasn't that role supposed to go to Seth Green and Breckin Meyer? We'll see...

In other Heroes news, creator Tim Kring is giving the superhero drama an overhaul in the wake of the firing of his two right-hand men. According to Variety, Kring will be simplifying the show's tone, opting for more character development (and not of the "turning into the human fly" kind), and getting rid of tired plot twists. The retinkered scripts will bring the focus back to the classic good-versus-evil themes.

Well, it's about time. But is it too late?

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