Heroes Finally Falls

Some of you will cry, some of you will jump for joy. But nothing will change this fact: Heroes has finally been canceled, says The Hollywood Reporter.

You've all heard the story before: Heroes burst onto the scene with critical praise and outer-space ratings, but began a sharp decline just before its Season 1 finale that seemed to last forever. Critics say poor writing and acting are what doomed the show, but Heroes simply failed to work after its infancy.

There's recently been talk of giving the show some closure with a made-for-TV movie, but that no longer appears to be in the cards. I'm sure someone will wrap things up with some awesome fan fiction, though. [UPDATE: Deadline Hollywood is reporting that a made-for-TV special is in the works, and an announcement will happen next week.]

And don't fret too hard, because primetime superheroes will still have a large presence on TV next season, in NBC's The Cape and ABC's No Ordinary Family—the latter of which sounds like it might actually be pretty good.

Until then, let's fill up the comments section with fond farewells, harsh good riddances, and "meh"s.

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