Heroes fires pair of producers

It's no secret that Heroes has been struggling this year. The one-time network savior has seen its ratings nose-dive almost as fast as the Dow Jones in its third season, which was supposed to be the big turnaround point after a disappointing second season was cut short by the writers strike.

NBC has taken note of Heroes' performance, and it made some necessary moves this weekend. The network has fired co-executive producers Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander over creative differences, according to Variety. The pair was known to run the day-to-day operations of Heroes under the eye of series creator Tim Kring.

Heroes is currently in its third season and has seen its share of negative press from critics who are calling the drama bloated with too many characters and storylines, silly, and smug. Budget issues are also reportedly surfacing, with each episode costing NBC an estimated four million dollars apiece.

It looks like Alexander and Loeb took the fall for Heroes' downturn. Do you guys think this will help right the ship?

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