Heroes Has No Problems Spoiling Tonight's Episode

Are you a Heroes fan? Then don't open up today's edition of USA Today. Heck, don't even turn on your computer. In fact, stop reading this right now, put your fingers in your ears, and yell "La la la la la la la la la" over and over again. Because spoilers are out there, and showrunner Tim Kring doesn't even care.

How do we know he doesn't mind? Kring is openly discussing them with a national newspaper. Nobody is even pretending to hide the big turn of events that goes down in tonight's episode; the spoiler is right there—in bold, 72-point type—in the USA Today headline.

And that headline says (Spoiler alert... we'll at least try a little bit) "Adrian Pasdar 'never better,' Heroes character never deader." In case that was lost on you, tonight will be Pasdar's last episode on Heroes.

Now, that bit of spoiled news leaked onto the Web in early November, and of course the REAL Nathan died a while ago. But to those who say "who cares then," I'd counter with this: Not everyone has "Heroes Spoilers" programmed into their Google Alerts, and though the character was already dead, the actor remained on the show.

So what's the reason the show's creator is blatantly telling everyone what happens tonight? I guess it's a ploy for a ratings increase. I don't know how telling people what's going to happen increases viewership—if I were a Heroes fan (I returned my fan club card in Season 2) I would be insulted. How about rewarding the loyal fan base by not throwing spoilers into a national paper?

But maybe Kring just doesn't really know what he's doing. Listen to this quote from the article: "On a show where you put characters in life-and-death situations with real stakes," Kring said, "characters have had to die ... but we were starting to run out of ways to keep that character around."

Spoilers are usually dug up by some basement nerd. To see a showrunner just hand it over is troubling, to say the least.

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